Shorvori to mark a return in Parth’s life in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth and Teni are getting married. They are having all the pre-marriage functions to cherish. Teni prepares for her Sangeet ceremony. She gets confused about the dress to wear in the ceremony. Chutkan gets dresses for her and asks her to final any best dress. He helps her in deciding. She tells her that she is not able to decide. He asks her to call Parth and ask his choice. Teni says your idea is good, I also want this, but Parth won’t have time to come here. Chutkan asks her to call Parth and talk. She refuses to call. He goes to call Parth, so that Teni can get some help. She thinks she should wear something that Parth likes.

Parth reaches Teni and solves her confusion. She shows all her dresses and asks his choice. He says we will solve this problem together. He tells her that he has got a beautiful dress for her. He surprises her. Teni likes the dress a lot. She decides to wear his gifted dress in sangeet. She asks him why did he not give the dress before.

He says I wanted to know if your chosen dress is better than my chosen dress or not. She says this is really good. She gets excited and looks forward for the sangeet ceremony. Teni dances in her sangeet. Parth too compliments her in the performance. Parth and Teni’s marriage rituals bring many celebrations. Parth gets sad. He reminisces Shorvori and the times spent with her. He hopes the marriage works. He is marrying Teni as it was Shorvori’s wish as well. Teni expresses her love for Parth via the song. Parth gets the haldi ritual done. He feels Shorvori will always be there in his heart.

Shorvori will be making an entry back. She deals with her critical illness. She is recovering. She gets a new life. She makes a mind to return in Bhanushali family. She wishes to meet her child. She doesn’t know about Parth and Teni’s marriage happening.


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