Suraj’s deed leaves Chakor heartbroken in Udaan


Chakor is fighting elections against Imli. The villagers celebrate and dance. Chakor fills new hope in the villagers. They look forward to their freedom. Chakor hugs her parents. She has given happiness to everyone. Chakor is sure that she will win the elections by the villagers’ support. Chakor invites Imli in the village celebrations. Ranvijay gets Suraj along and reaches the village. Imli has thought to make Suraj abuse Chakor. Imli compels Suraj to disrespect Chakor. The villagers will save Chakor’s respect and fail Imli’s plans.

Chakor gets disheartened when Suraj misbehaves with her on Imli’s orders. Chakor turns shattered. Suraj was hesitant to do the bad deed, but he was compelled because of Imli. Suraj thinks of Chakor, who has always helped him and tries to remind their love. The villagers support Chakor. They boost her confidence. She feels proud of them. Suraj realizes his mistake. He feels sad for Chakor. Suraj and Chakor’s love story will be seen again.


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