Neil and Avni get on to tackle Vidyut in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil and Avni will get together to tackle Vidyut and Ragini pandit. Avni passes information to Neil. They both want to fail Ragini Pandit. Avni wants to inform Neil about Neela’s kidnapping. Neil gets Avni’s letter. He realizes Vidyut has kidnapped Neela. He plans a press conference. He tries to make his reply reach Avni by the news. He realizes he has done much wrong with Avni. He is sure that Avni will see the news and also receive his message. He doesn’t want to repeat his mistakes.

Neil keeps his plan hidden from the family. Avni gets to see the press conference. She gets smiling after understanding Neil’s reply. Ragini Pandit doesn’t know anything. Neil takes some time off from his job to find Neela. He acts drunk to win Vidyut’s confidence. Neil tries to collect evidence against Vidyut.


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