Anushka to torture Balwant in Laado 2


Anushka teaches a lesson to Balwant. She finds Balwant teasing the maid and pouring water on her. He badly eyes the maid. Anushka gets angry. Balwant says Rantej is coming soon, I will keep a celebration function to welcome him. Anushka gets the chilli powder. She throws the chilli over his head. Balwant screams and gets angry. Anushka hides from him. He asks who has dared to do this. Tai ji finds him screaming. Anushka acts innocent. Tai ji scolds Anushka for intentionally doing this. Balwant begs for water. Anushka hides the water pipe and troubles him.

He asks her to make him wash his face, his eyes are burning. Anushka doesn’t listen. She pushes him and asks him not to badly eye any woman again, else she will burn him alive. She then makes him wash his face and get a relief. She vents out anger on Balwant. She is very strong and determined. He doesn’t get scared of her. She tells him that she will torture him the same way as he tortures others.


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