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Shakti: Harman and Soumya celebrate Lohri. Harman dances with his friends. Soumya gets happy for him. Harak and Mohini dance together. Preeto is content with Harman and Soumya’s togetherness. Harman and Soumya do the Lohri puja together. She tells him that she likes the festival a lot, as everyone comes together for the celebrations. Soumya hides her worries from Harman and Preeto. She doesn’t want their happiness to get a low. She gets a video from Maharani. Maharani calls Soumya and reminds their previous meet. Maharani threatens Soumya about Harman’s life.


Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita not to meet Raman, if she really cares for his life. He thinks Ishita is responsible for Raman’s tension. He doesn’t want his son’s life to fall in risk. The family stays worried for Raman, who slipped in a critical state because of the chaos rising at home. Ishita stays with Raman till he recovers. Raman misunderstands Ishita when she starts avoiding him. He feels she doesn’t care for him at all. Raman gets hurt and misses her. Ishita gets hindrance in her aim because of her promise given to Mr. Bhalla, that she will never show her face to Raman. She comes up with an idea to take a different identity and hide her face under a ghunghat, to keep up her promise and also fulfill her goals.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni’s grahpravesh happens in Bhanushali house. Parth and the entire family are happy with Teni’s entry as bahu of the house. Teni is guided throughout the rituals. She does a mistake by hitting the kalash too far. The family is very happy. They welcome their new bahu. Indu blesses the newly weds. She does their aarti. Teni gets worried when Kaki asks her to remember she is bahu of the house. Kaki tells Teni that she has to fulfill everyone’s expectations as an ideal bahu. Dadi asks Teni not to worry and step inside the house.


Piyush is unable to bear separation with Roshni. He talks to Roshni’s picture. He feels Roshni is alive. He asks Roshni to come back. He promises to make everything fine. Simar sees Piyush in sorrow. Prem and Sameer feel Piyush is getting mad. They tie up Piyush. Simar scolds them for not understanding Piyush, who begs them to let him go and find Roshni. Prem tells Piyush that they all are with him, they love him a lot. Simar gets food for Piyush. She frees him. He asks Simar if Roshni is fine, would she have food. Simar tells him that Roshni would be fine and she would be wishing Piyush to stay fine too.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Adhiraj ends ties with Devi. He reprimands her for lying to him about her pregnancy. He yells on Devi and ruins the things around. He tells Devi that he did a mistake to trust her, to give her a wife’s status. He lights the havan kund and takes rounds to undo his marriage rounds. He reminds her mistakes instead vows. He breaks their relation. Devi fails to explain him that she had to do this to save her life and their relation from Maasa. Adhiraj tells her that she has shattered his heart, trust and love. He calls Devi a big fraud and curses her that she will never get love in her entire life.


Chakor and Suraj have a tashan moment. Chakor flies the kite along with the villagers. Suraj stays by her side. He repents to do wrong with her. He doesn’t know Imli wants him to do something more evil. Chakor and Imli have a kite flying competition. Imli calls Chakor as Didi for the last time. She indirectly threatens Chakor. Chakor scolds her in return. Chakor says relations between us have ended, no one can play such a bad game than you, you have struck on my respect, you will never be able to break me, you will always lose. Imli tries to break Chakor by emotions. Chakor tells Imli that villagers will know who is more mighty.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya tries her hand at cooking. She takes the flour to prepare some rotis. She haven’t cooked ever in her life. Diya struggles to make a good roti. Yash finds her stuck in this funny situation. He laughs on Diya’s big task. Yash has always been Diya’s big support. He encourages her that she can succeed in her life’s new phase. Ratan meets Diya’s parents and gets grateful. Diya gets help from her family. She gets to see her wedding invitation card. She looks forward to marry Abhay and live her future.

Laado 2:

Anushka teaches a lesson to Balwant. She finds Balwant teasing the maid and pouring water on her. He badly eyes the maid. Anushka gets angry. Balwant says Rantej is coming soon, I will keep a celebration function to welcome him. Anushka gets the chilli powder. She throws the chilli over his head. Balwant screams and gets angry. Anushka hides from him. He asks who has dared to do this. Tai ji finds him screaming. Anushka acts innocent. Tai ji scolds Anushka for intentionally doing this. Balwant begs for water. Anushka hides the water pipe and troubles him.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Vin learns his dance master is actually his childhood friend Siddhi. He tries to apologize to her, but instead facing her wrath. She tells him that she hates him more than she hates his childhood friend Vinayak. She cries out the pain. She tells him that she has faced all the humiliation just to save her friend’s life. Vin fails to tell her that he is Vinayak. He gets heartbroken and guilty that he has misunderstood Siddhi and broke all limits to trouble her.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Akhilesh doesn’t want to marry Ira. Ira tells him that she will make his life better, she can help him out and also look after his mum. She accepts her mistake and apologizes to him. Ira convinces Akhilesh for marriage. He gives his nod for marriage for the sake of Pushpa’s happiness.

Meri Durga:

Sanjay tries to know the person who has defamed Durga and sent the women to protest against Durga. He gets a huge shock when he finds Aarti involved. Sanjay tries his best to convince Durga that he is not behind the bad conspiracy. Durga gets into the matter and seeks help from Rajveer to find out the real culprit.


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