Ishqbaaz: Veer to declare Shivay dead


Shivay gets dizzy and faints down, while the family worries for him. Omkara and Rudra get emotional and worry for their beloved brother. Anika tells Shivay that she can’t afford to lose him. Anika rushes to seek help from Veer. Omkara and Rudra try to revive Shivay to senses. Anika tells them that Dr. Veer can treat Shivay. Anika asks Veer to come along and check Shivay, who fainted suddenly. Veer gets glad that Shivay is dead, all thanks to the poison he fed Shivay. He starts eyeing Anika with a hope of living a future together. He declares Shivay dead, which shocks the family members. Anika asks Veer to check Shivay again, he isn’t right. Veer asks her to understand Shivay has left them. Anika angrily slaps him.

She tells Veer that Shivay can never leave her. She proves her true love by reviving Shivay back. Veer gets a big shock on finding Shivay alive. He thinks of getting the credit on his head so that he turns a hero in Anika’s eyes. Veer makes Anika away and acts of saving Shivay. Anika gets relieved with Shivay’s recovery. Omkara and Rudra find her too stressed. They take care of her. Anika feels everything turned upside down since they came to Goa. She tells them that she can’t lose Shivay, and if anything happened to him today, she couldn’t imagine the aftermath.

She gets terrified with the thought. She feels Shivay has already suffered a lot and also the separation from his family. She tells them that Shivay doesn’t share what he is going through, he bears everything alone for the sake of the family. She finds Shivay too perfect to be composed as a human. Anika tells them that she will always be there with Shivay, as he has always been her strength. She cries out her pain. Omkara and Rudra console her. They have fear of losing Shivay, but also have hope that Shivay will always be with them. They mutually admire Shivay and his doings. Omkara and Rudra have an emotional moment with Anika.

They have belief in Shivay, that nothing can take down Shivay. Shivay gets fine and tells the family that he is worried about the hidden enemy, who is eyeing on them by secret cameras. He tells his brothers that there are secret cameras installed in his home. He doesn’t know the culprit behind everything. Anika shares the slap story with Shivay. He laughs knowing she has slapped Veer, when Veer is the one who saved his life. He respects Veer for saving their lives. He tells Anika that she shouldn’t have slapped Veer. He goes to thank Veer, and comes across Veer’s new side.


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