Piyaa Albela: Naina to literally poison Naren

Naren to go missing once again

Naina knew that Pooja was never mad and had killed Mr. Kapoor in all her senses. Naina acts friendly to Naren. She can’t see Naren and Pooja together. Naren breaks the thread which Guru ji has tied to Naren and Pooja. Naren goes to Naina. They have a talk. Naina takes care of him and feeds him food. She sees Pooja watching. She makes Pooja jealous. Naren gets emotionally blackmailed by Naina. Naren doesn’t like to hear any old incidents. He gets angry knowing about Pooja’s past. Naren is upset that Pooja is hiding a big thing and giving it more value than their relationship. He is not able to trust Pooja.

Pooja doesn’t want Naren to believe Naina. She gets much hurt. She stays away from Naren, only to hide the truth. Naren drinks wine on Naina’s insistence. Pooja gets worried for him when he collapses. He faints down. Pooja gets helpless seeing him. Naina has poisoned the wine. Pooja calls the family there.

Harish and Supriya get worried for Naren. They ask her how did this happen. Pooja feels guilty. She knows Naina is using their bad equations to attract Naren towards himself. Naina tries to snatch Pooja’s love. She badly wants Naren in her life. The family rushes Naren to the hospital. Doctor treat Naren and inform the family that Naren’s state is getting worse. Doctor tells the family about the bone marrow treatment. Supriya keeps Pooja away from Naren. Naina creates a rift between Pooja and her in-laws.


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