Ratan helps Diya kick-start a new life in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya

Diya tries to expose imposter

Diya tries her hand at cooking. She takes the flour to prepare some rotis. She haven’t cooked ever in her life. Diya struggles to make a good roti. Yash finds her stuck in this funny situation. He laughs on Diya’s big task. Yash has always been Diya’s big support. He encourages her that she can succeed in her life’s new phase. Ratan meets Diya’s parents and gets grateful. Diya gets help from her family. She gets to see her wedding invitation card. She looks forward to marry Abhay and live her future.

She tells Yash that she is afraid that she will not be able to look after Abhay well. She has to learn things and become a good wife. Ratan prepares for Diya’s marriage. He gets gifts for Diya. He tells Diya that he will manage everything and this time she has to just sit back and relax. Ratan shows a beautiful chunri he bought for Diya. He covers up Diya with the chunri and gets talking to her. They have a moment. Abhay’s sister will be making an entry to create troubles for Diya. The marriage will have a big twist. Ratan will be marrying Diya in order to save her life from Abhay’s evil.


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