Vidyut’s vicious plan against Neil in Naamkarann


Avni tries her best to inform Neil about Ragini Pandit’s plans. She gets a current shock just to get her hands on the phone, by which she can message Neil. She fails to get the phone because of Ragini Pandit, who compels her to execute the escape plan. Neil and his family grace Vidyut’s party. Vidyut welcomes Neil with a big heart. He offers a drink to Neil. He adds drugs in the drink, having a vicious plan against Neil. Vidyut then starts provoking Neil. He takes advantage and tries to show Neil in bad light in front of the commissioner. Neil dances in the party. He then vents out his frustration on Vidyut. He tells Vidyut that he hates him to the limits.

He threatens Vidyut in front of everyone in the party. He vows to destroy Vidyut and beats him up. Neil loses his senses. He doesn’t stop on his family’s saying. Vidyut bears the beating, just to show the commissioner and make him against Neil. He asks commissioner to transfer Neil to another city. He works out his plan cleverly. Ragini Pandit starts traumatizing Avni by threatening her about Neela again and again. She asks Avni to do anything to help her escape. Avni finds a way to send her message to Neil.

Neil realizes the blunder he committed in the party. He tries to lay a plan against Vidyut. Avni faces a tough time, knowing jailer is working for Ragini Pandit, who aims to kill Avni. Avni sends a letter to Neil. Neil gets glad reading the letter. He gets smiling and thankful that everything got fine between Avni and him. He doesn’t want any more misunderstandings between them. He gets the secret message from Avni. He mocks to leave the house and fools Vidyut’s men.

Vidyut thinks Neil’s humiliation is enough to throw him out of the city. He aims to get his mum released. Neil gets searching for Neela. Avni gets to see a video and finds Neela in bad state. She gets crying for Neela. Ragini Pandit tells Avni that her threatening will turn true if Avni doesn’t comply. Avni is sure to give it back to Ragini Pandit in her own way. She assures an escape plan to take Ragini Pandit out of the laws’ clutches. Neil takes a disguise and meets Vidyut, with a motive to reach Neela.


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