Adhiraj to part ways with Anami in Rishton Ka Chakravyuh

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Anami tells her family that she wants revenge from Satrupa. She shares her pain and anger with them. They ask her to have a big heart and drop her revenge motives, as it won’t yield anything. Anami thanks Adhiraj for his support. Lal Mahal mourns for Anami. They believe Anami is dead, they have lost her forever. They find it hard to reveal this to Satrupa, who does a puja for Anami‘s safe comeback. Satrupa holds her hope intact. She believes Anami will come back. Anami and Adhiraj have sweet moments of silence. Murari asks Adhiraj to leave worrying about them. Adhiraj decides to go home, which leaves Anami disturbed.

He tells her that he can’t be with them as he can’t compromise with her safety. She asks him if he won’t meet her again. Adhiraj too gets heartbroken with the thought of parting ways with his love. He tells her that this is their final meet. Anami too feels the pain of separation from her best friend for the first time. Satrupa loses out her courage when the family shares the news. She falls sick. Sudha gets happy with the on goings in Lal Mahal.

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She plans to visit Satrupa and sprinkle some salt on her wounds. Satrupa doesn’t lose belief. She is sure that Anami is alive and she will come back. Anami and Adhiraj part ways. They shed tears. Anami doesn’t realize her feelings. Adhiraj can’t see her going away. He runs to stop Anami and share his feelings. He loses courage when he meets her. He cares for her. Anami goes ahead in her journey, leaving behind Adhiraj.

He gets too dejected and holds Anami’s memories in heart. He wishes her all the best in her life. Sudha tells Satrupa that Anami is dead. She enjoys Satrupa’s pain. Satrupa shouts on Sudha and doesn’t listen to her. She yells on Sudha for cursing her daughter. Satrupa drags Sudha out of Lal Mahal. Anami makes a plan to make Satrupa suffer. She wants to give it back to Satrupa. She gets mistaken. She doesn’t know Sudha’s plotting against her.







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