Diya and Abhay to get engaged in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Diya enjoys her pre-wedding functions. Diya and Ratan have a dance. They enjoy in the celebrations. Ratan finds her very happy. He gets flirting with some girl. Diya pulls his leg. Abhay’s sister Arpita comes home. She makes Ratan away from Diya. She tells him that he won’t have any rights of friendship on Diya after the marriage happens. She does the rituals with Diya. She tells Ratan that she hopes that he will not trouble them now. She has come to create a havoc in Diya’s life. Abhay wants revenge from Diya. Abhay and Arpita will trouble Diya.

Diya gets prepared for her engagement with Abhay. Diya’s parents bless her. Abhay wants to complete his long wish by marrying Diya. Diya’s dad gives her hand to Abhay. Diya feels indebted to get Abhay, as he has been waiting for her since 12 years.

Diya and Abhay have a moment. Abhay takes the responsibility of Diya. He promises to keep Diya happy forever. Arpita compliments Diya for sustaining her beauty. Diya didn’t get time to apologize to Abhay. She finds a chance to apologize to him. Abhay asks Arpita to ward off evil eye from Diya. Abhay tells Diya that he loves her a lot. Diya is very happy about her relation forming with Abhay. She wants to give happiness to her parents.


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