Ishqbaaz: Role reversal fun amidst Veer’s dangerous plotting

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Shivay thanks Veer for saving his life. Veer tells him that its his duty to save people’s lives, but its Anika who saved him. Shivay thinks of Omkara and Rudra’s loss of happiness. He tells Anika that elders should be here to complete their family and happiness. Shivay and Anika miss the family. Shivay shares about Veer’s daughter’s strange behavior. He tells Anika that Veer seems to be a strict dad. Anika asks him to stop overthinking. She tells him that children are too naughty these days and parents have to be strict. She tells him that she will talk to Rudra and convince him for involving elders.

Shivay plans a game of role reversal to bring in some fun. The couples decide the roles they will play. Veer makes a plan to kill Shivay. He hires a assassin Lily and shares his plan with her. Shivay and Anika play Rudra and Bhavya. They have a romantic moment, while Anika plays ACP. Their light moments get followed up by Omkara and Rudra, who also switch their roles.

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The moments turn too hilarious, when Rudra dons Omkara’s avatar and fails to deliver the perfect shayari. The brothers have fun finding themselves in their unique roles. Everyone enjoys their new bonding and characters. Their celebrations get a twist by Veer’s dangerous move knocking at the door. Lily meets Shivay to deliver the pizza and kill him. She gets mistaken about Shivay’s identity. Shivay asks Omkara to pay the money, as he is Shivay. Omkara plays Shivay’s role and gets the danger on himself. Lily gets troubled to know her real target. Omkara pays her the amount and sends her out. She can’t spare Shivay’s life. She plans to kill him any how.

Shivay tells Anika that they didn’t do right to listen to Rudra and keep elders away. He doesn’t want to snatch the elders’ right to bless Rudra and Bhavya. He feels he is doing wrong with everyone. He wants Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage to get blessings from the family. He tells Anika that he has to inform Tej and Jhanvi and call them for the pre-wedding functions. He can’t imagine himself without the family. He falls homesick. He can’t see his family shattering. Anika supports Shivay. Lily keeps an eye on Shivay and Omkara, to kill the real Shivay.







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    Comment:bestttt movieeee ever…. I’m in love with it and I’m ur biggest fun shivaay anika

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