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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Anami tells her family that she wants revenge from Satrupa. She shares her pain and anger with them. They ask her to have a big heart and drop her revenge motives, as it won’t yield anything. Anami thanks Adhiraj for his support. Lal Mahal mourns for Anami. They believe Anami is dead, they have lost her forever. They find it hard to reveal this to Satrupa, who does a puja for Anami‘s safe comeback. Satrupa holds her hope intact. She believes Anami will come back. Anami and Adhiraj have sweet moments of silence. Murari asks Adhiraj to leave worrying about them. Adhiraj decides to go home, which leaves Anami disturbed.



Ballu informs Vidyut that Neil has left the city. Neil takes a sardar’s disguise. He takes a job of security guard to stay with Vidyut and find out Neela. Vidyut doubts on Neil. He asks his men to get all the background details of the new guard. Neil produces fake documents. Vidyut gets impressed seeing his work experience. He hires Neil. He tries to confirm about his last work. Neil gets worried. He then proves his identity to Vidyut by Ali’s help. Vidyut gets unwell suddenly.


Singhanias get upset that Dadi didn’t ask them for having the shank, and instead chose to steal it by cheating them. Kartik and Naira light the diyas on Dadi’s saying. Naira tells him that she wants to give happiness to Dadi. Kartik romances Naira in another unique way. Dadi and Surekha proceed to place the shank in Naira’s room. Dadi is hopeful to get her heir soon. Aryan learns Dadi’s planning and gets hurt. He feels he is not accepted by the family till now. Kartik and Naira have romantic moments. Aryan gets the shank off to fail Dadi’s plans.


Ishita stays adamant and doesn’t meet Raman, which hurts him a lot. Raman leaves for home. Adi and Romi argue with Simmi. Simmi and Mihika get against the family. Romi scolds them for having hatred for Ishita. Simmi prepares a drama to get Raman on her side. She apologizes to him for giving him wrong information. Raman misses Ishita. Raman falls sick. Ishita gets informed about Raman’s sickness. She worries that she can’t meet Raman because of the promise. She feels Simmi may hurt Raman again.


Shivay thanks Veer for saving his life. Veer tells him that its his duty to save people’s lives, but its Anika who saved him. Shivay thinks of Omkara and Rudra’s loss of happiness. He tells Anika that elders should be here to complete their family and happiness. Shivay and Anika miss the family. Shivay shares about Veer’s daughter’s strange behavior. He tells Anika that Veer seems to be a strict dad. Anika asks him to stop overthinking. She tells him that children are too naughty these days and parents have to be strict. She tells him that she will talk to Rudra and convince him for involving elders.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

Ahana gets concerned for Laila. She bonds with Laila from her heart. She forgives Laila for everything and takes care of her. Laila gets emotional when she receives love from Ahana. Ahana thinks of her bitterness towards Laila. She feels sorry for everything. She doesn’t want to lose Laila. Rehaan consoles Ahana. His feelings gets out of control. He reaches Ahana with an assurance that he will always be there for her. He tells Ahana that she can still look after Laila and set everything fine between them. His humble words relieve her. He tells her that Laila will soon be fine.