JD sends a surprising apology in Tu Aashiqui


Anita creates a drama in Pankti’s life. She sends ghungroo as gift for Pankti. Ahaan and his family feel bad for Pankti to have such a disgusting mother. Sheetal doesn’t understand what Anika is signing to them. She feels Pankti has done a right thing to leave her house and family. Anita wants JD’s truth to come out. She reminds Ahaan and Pankti that JD has given that ghungroo to Pankti in the past. Ahaan finds Pankti upset. He cheers her with a love vow.

He tells her that very soon he will be telling their relationship’s total truth to the family. He asks her to keep faith in him. Later, Pankti gets a wonderful surprise. She receives cake and flowers. She assumes Ahaan to be behind the gifts. JD messages her that he has sent the goodies to apologize to her. JD wants Pankti’s forgivesness. Pankti gets in a dilemma over JD’s change. JD warns Anita against creating troubles for Pankti and Ahaan. He tells Anita that now he is supporting the young lovers. Elsewhere, Monty confesses his love to Purva. He proposes her for marriage. Purva gets happy with the proposal.


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