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Tu Aashiqui: Anita creates a drama in Pankti’s life. She sends ghungroo as gift for Pankti. Ahaan and his family feel bad for Pankti to have such a disgusting mother. Sheetal doesn’t understand what Anika is signing to them. She feels Pankti has done a right thing to leave her house and family. Anita wants JD’s truth to come out. She reminds Ahaan and Pankti that JD has given that ghungroo to Pankti in the past. Ahaan finds Pankti upset. He cheers her with a love vow.


Naitik learns Dadi’s wicked move to throw out Naira from the Goenka house. He asks Naksh why didn’t he inform him about it. Naksh tries to stop Naitik. Naitik demands an answer from Kartik’s Dadi. He feels Naira has tolerated much injustice in his absence, but now when he is back, he will not leave Naira alone. He reaches Goenkas’ house and yells on Dadi for always hurting Naira. He tells Goenkas that if he didn’t have faith in Kartik’s love, he would have taken Naira with him. He says Dadi never treated Naira well, why should Naira bear all this. Naira tries to calm him down.

Piyaa Albela:

Harish keeps a puja for Naren. Naren and Pooja do the puja rituals together. Harish makes Naren and Pooja place the idol. Pooja meets Rahul at the temple. Rahul accuses Naren. He tries to tell Naren’s truth. He tells the family that Naren’s bone marrow doesn’t match with anyone in the family, it means he is not part of the family. He asks Naren to move away, as he doesn’t have any right to place the idol.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Vin deeply regrets his doings against Siddhi. He thinks of the tortures done and feels guilty. Vin falls in risk in order to save Siddhi. She couldn’t believe he could change so soon. Vin’s change gets acknowledged by her. He frees her from the contract and asks her to go home. Siddhi refuses to leave. She wants to complete her work on time. Vin worries when his parents return home. He is sure that Siddhi will recognize his parents and know his identity. He gets prepared to face her hatred.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan wants Abhay to accept Diya heartily. Abhay doesn’t like Ratan to be around Diya all the time. He asks Ratan if he can return his life’s twelve years. Ratan gets speechless. He promises to make everything fine for Diya. Diya and Abhay get engaged. Ratan runs to Abhay and Diya. He wanted to stop the engagement. He got Abhay’s ring too, but fails to reach them on time. He apologizes to everyone for coming late. Diya asks Ratan what is he up to. Ratan feels sad. He recalls the moments spent with Diya. He hugs Diya and congratulates her. Arpita gets upset that Ratan always spoils things between Abhay and Diya. She tells Ratan that she has arranged a ring for Abhay, and engagement didn’t delay. Abhay decides to show his evil side to Diya.


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