Pooja to sketch another lie in Piyaa Albela

Naren plays a prank on Meghna

Pooja was hiding Naren’s truth. Naren gets to know everything about her drama. He decides to leave the house. She asks him will he leave the house. He asks her why did she do the drama to hide such an important thing. He tells her that he feels bad, how could she lie to him about her mother. Pooja has lied to him and introduced Chandrika as her mother. He asks her never to hide things. He asks her does she not trust him. Naren feels he couldn’t understand Pooja till now.

Naren bonds with Chandrika. He respects her as Pooja’s mum. Pooja gets emotional seeing them. She is helpless to lie. She is keeping her promise given to Dada ji. Naren tells Pooja that now there will be a wall between them. He distances himself. He gets much upset with her. Supriya and Surbhi talk to Chandrika. Pooja doesn’t want this secret to come out in front of the family. Pooja makes sure that everything stays fine in Naren’s life. Naren loves Pooja immensely. He doesn’t leave her. He expresses his anger on her. She doesn’t think he has got distant. She still feels Naren is with her.


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