Rehaan’s concern to anger Ahana in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan finds Ahana too depressed. He asks her what’s troubling her. Ahana tells him that her life has no motive left. She is sad that Anant has left her, he doesn’t care for her anymore. She sheds tears. Rehaan finds her right. He tries to connect to Anant and tell him about Ahana’s depression. Rehaan gets bothered by her broken heart. He tries to protect her. Ahana goes missing. Rehaan worries and searches for her everywhere. Rehaan finds her more shattered. Ahana takes the anti-depressant pills. Rehaan tries to seek help from Richa.

He realizes Ahana is depending on anti-depressants. She tells him that Ahana wants to end her life, she has lost all the hopes. She asks him to get medical aid for Ahana. Rehaan feels responsible for Ahana’s depression. He wants to do anything to make her fine.

Richa asks him to take Ahana somewhere far for a change. Rehaan tries to keep Ahana distracted. He asks her to come along with him for an interior designing project. He plans a Goa trip. Ahana understands he is doing this by sympathizing with her. He tells her that he is just taking care of her. Ahana refuses to accompany him. She vents out her frustration about her shattered life. She reprimands Rehaan for his silly plans. Rehaan tries hard to convince her.



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