Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Anami fakes a story to draw in sympathy


Anami returns to Lal Mahal to avenge Satrupa. She pours water on Satrupa and blows off the fire. Satrupa gets happy that Anami got pulled by a mother’s call. She hugs Anami. Anami vows to ruin Satrupa. Anami lies to the family that Madhu and Murari died in the fire incident. She tells them that she has come back to Lal Mahal to stay with them forever. Sudha gets angered knowing Anami is back. Narottam tells her that he will support only the right person. He sides with Anami. He ends ties with Sudha, finding her too selfish. He tells her that he is out of heir-ship race now.

Anami fakes a story to take everyone in confidence. She turns the family emotional. She tells them that she acknowledges their love. She apologizes for hurting them. Anami initiates a war between Satrupa and her. She stays good towards the elders. Satrupa feels Anami has changed a lot. She doesn’t want Anami to suffer. She feels Baldev and she can take care of Anami well, as they are Anami’s parents.

She tries to be at Anami’s side and share her sorrow. She doesn’t want Anami to mourn for her foster family for long. She decides to win Anami’s heart. Anami recollects Madhu’s teachings. She doesn’t want to lose herself in her battle. Dadi suggests Satrupa to start afresh and set things fine. Dadi asks Satrupa to make Anami depend on her mother. Satrupa keeps a soul peace puja for Madhu and Murari. She tries to show Anami that her sorrow means to her. She attempts to rectify her mistake. Anami gets angered finding garlands on Madhu and Murari’s photos. Satrupa tells her about the soul peace puja. Anami unwillingly reveals that Madhu and Murari are alive. Her lie falls flat in front of everyone.


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