Suraj to recollect fragments of past in Udaan


Chakor is trying hard to make Suraj recover his memory. Suraj gets few past flashes of his childhood. He finds little Chakor scolding him. He gets worried. He tells Chakor about his memory flashes. She gets a new hope that he will recall everything. She tells him that she is the one who used to be against him in childhood. He doesn’t believe her. She asks him to recollect well, he will recall even their love story. He denies to identify her. She doesn’t give up. She tells him that he will soon know their relation.

He tells her that he doesn’t love her, he is just fed up of her and its better if he doesn’t remember her. He asks her to get away. She asks him to kill her and obey his masters. He refuses to answer her questions. He tries to stay away from her.

He tells her that he hates her, but he couldn’t kill her. She says if I leave, you will get punished. they both worry for each other. She asks him to realize the change, he is not able to kill her. She questions his feelings. She finds a big change in him. He asks her to leave from Aazaadgunj and never come back. She understands that Suraj is alive within him. She tells him that she won’t part ways. He forces her to leave.


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