Ishqbaaz: Dadi to join Obros for Lohri Celebrations

Ishqbaaz: New twists mark beginning of fresh love tale

Veer gets angered that all his plans are failing. He feels Shivay is very lucky that he got saved from the numerous attacks. He thinks how will he get Anika in his life. He wants Anika at any cost. Shwetlana teams up with Veer to kill Shivay. She wants Shivay to get destroyed. She tells Veer that if he tries alone, he may fail, but she can help him in attacking Shivay’s weakness. He asks Veer to target Shivay’s weakness. Shivay reaches Veer for a talk. Shwetlana hides from Shivay. Veer makes a story to divert him. Shivay invites him for Lohri. Shwetlana and Veer plan to ruin Oberois’ happiness.

Anika and Gauri do the arrangements. Rudra misses the family elders. He doesn’t want to upset everyone by his wish. He wishes Dadi was with them in Lohri celebrations. Shivay’s surprise gets known to them. Shivay gets Dadi home and brings a smile on their face. Dadi joins them for Lohri. Shivay makes sure that Rudra and Bhavya’s happiness doesn’t get down. Shivay reveals that he was walking to Dadi on phone.

Dadi blesses Rudra and Bhavya. Dadi brings much positivity around. She gets shagun for all her bahus. Anika gets worried thinking of Komal’s curse. Shivay enquires about the elders. Dadi knows Shivay cares for everyone. She feels Shivay deserves to take the family legacy ahead. She tells him about the conflicts at home. She feels she has lost to keep the promise to her husband.

Shivay promises her that he will unite the family and also return happiness. Dadi tells him that she has immense faith in him. She gets hope by his words. Anika reminds the previous Lohri to Shivay. She fears to lose Shivay. She doesn’t want Shivay to get hurt. She tells him that Komal maybe alive. Shivay asks Anika to have faith in him, he will make sure that no one hurts his family. Shwetlana tells Veer that Shivay is the protector of his family. She asks Veer to kill Shivay first and then target Anika and family. Veer agrees to follow her plan.


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