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Naamkarann: Avni is sure that Neil will save Neela. Neil asks Neela to smile and let him make a good video to show her daughter. He tells Neela that she is kidnapped and she should just listen to them. Ballu gets impressed by Neil. He tells Neil that he will make him join the special guards group once Vidyut is back. Neela gets emotional while giving a message for Avni. She tries to tell Avni about Mishti. Neil doesn’t understand Neela’s message at first. Ballu asks Neela not to tell entire story, just a statement is needed. Ballu plans to send the video to Ragini Pandit. Neil tries to find some way to communicate with Neela.

Meri Durga:

Durga prepares for the race. She takes blessings from her Guru Gayatri. She tells Gayatri that she respects her a lot. Gayatri blesses her. Her heart towards Durga begins to melt. Aarti’s dad threatens Sanjay. Sanjay ends ties with Aarti. He tells Aarti that he could have exposed her crime, but he has saved her only for the sake of their old friendship. He counts Aarti’s mistakes. He decides to support Durga. Gayatri finds a change in Sanjay. She questions him about Durga. He tells her that he has to drop Durga to the stadium.


Ishita finds Raman in much pain. She reaches him to do the aid. Raman can’t manage to have food on his own. Ishita feeds the food to him and bonds with him. She relieves his neck pain. She gets some peaceful moments with him. Ishita meets Shagun at a cafe. She tells Shagun that she didn’t find out Simmi’s plans till now. She wants to know how Simmi is drugging Raman. Ishita stays around Raman. She tries to win Simmi’s trust by her impressive service. Mrs. Bhalla gets a doubt on Ishita.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

Rehaan gets determined to take Ahana to Goa. He calls Saloni for help. Saloni meets Ahana and convinces her to go to Goa with Rehaan. Saloni also wishes Ahana’s life to come back on track. She doesn’t want Ahana to stay depressed. She promises to look after Laila. She asks Ahana to live her life for herself. Ahana agrees for the trip. Rehaan thanks Saloni for convincing Ahana. Saloni too thanks him for thinking so much for Ahana and caring for her in Anant’s absence. He apologizes to Saloni for not keeping their relationship. Saloni doesn’t have any complains with him. She finds him a true soul. She asks him not to change ever. Rehaan plans the trip.


Kartik goes to Naira’s academy to help her in a tricky situation. Dadi gets to know that Kartik has gone to office. Dadi confirms this to Manish. She tells him that Kartik will come office and manage everything. Manish gets glad that his son didn’t withdraw support. Aryan gets upset seeing Manish’s trust on Kartik. Naitik worries for Kirti. She tries hard to manage her work all alone. Naitik feels Naksh’s decision to leave Kirti alone is wrong. He tries to explain Naksh that he shouldn’t withdraw support completely to make Kirti independent. Naitik does an act to make Naksh understand.

Rishton Ka Chakravyuh:

Anami maintains her lie that her foster parents are no more in the world, but they are alive for her. She tells Satrupa that she won’t let the puja happen, her parents are always with her. Satrupa apologizes for hurting her heart. Sudha doubts Anami is hiding something. Anami tells Satrupa that she is also sorry to misunderstand her intentions. Anami’s changed behavior surprises all. Sudha tries to ask Lakshya about his parents. She praises him for cleverly hiding his real emotions. She asks him more about his parents’ death.


Veer gets angered that all his plans are failing. He feels Shivay is very lucky that he got saved from the numerous attacks. He thinks how will he get Anika in his life. He wants Anika at any cost. Shwetlana teams up with Veer to kill Shivay. She wants Shivay to get destroyed. She tells Veer that if he tries alone, he may fail, but she can help him in attacking Shivay’s weakness. He asks Veer to target Shivay’s weakness. Shivay reaches Veer for a talk. Shwetlana hides from Shivay. Veer makes a story to divert him. Shivay invites him for Lohri. Shwetlana and Veer plan to ruin Oberois’ happiness.


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