Naren and Pooja decide to leave Vyas family in Piyaa Albela

Pooja tries to find Naren

Pooja lies to the family that Chandrika is her mum. She involves Satish in the plan. She makes him lie to Harish and Supriya. She doesn’t want Naren’s heart to break. Everyone gets angry on Satish for hiding such a big thing. Supriya asks Pooja to leave from the house. Harish tells them that his house has no place for a dancer’s daughter. He decides to throw out Pooja from the house. Satish begs him not to do this. Naren takes a stand for Pooja. He tells Harish that he will not leave Pooja, they can’t insult Pooja like this, he won’t stay with them in such a house where his wife is not respected. He decides to leave his family.

Naren and Pooja leave Vyas house. Pooja feels sorry for Naren. She doesn’t want him to get away from his parents. Pooja will stick to the lie. She thinks if her in-laws have gone against her knowing this lie, even Naren could have faced their wrath if the truth broke out. She is happy that Naren didn’t learn his birth secret. Naren tells them that Chandrika’s profession doesn’t matter to him, he believes in humanity over everything.


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