Ranvir to take down Kabir-Anchal’s lives in Haasil

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Anchal reaches the construction site to find Kabir. She meets Ranvir there. Ranvir plays music and welcomes her. Anchal learns Ranvir is obsessed with her. Ranvir confesses his love to Anchal. He tells her that he can’t live without her. She tries to run away. He asks her not to leave him. She asks him to kill her if he really loves her. He tells her that he can’t hurt her, he can’t tolerate her pain. She is shocked knowing Ranvir’s truth. She asks him how could he harm his brother. She learns his true colours. She threatens of calling police.

He tells her that he will call police, she can get him punished if she wants. He calls the police. He informs about the murder. He asks Anchal is she happy now. She tells him that he needs medical help and punishment too. He shouts his love, while she expresses her hatred to him. Ranvir gets inclined to win her love. She tells him that he just deserves her hatred. He asks her to give him one chance to prove his love. She asks Ranvir where is Kabir. She begs him to tell about Kabir. She manages to escape. Ranvir tries to catch her. Ranvir plans to murder Kabir. He buries Kabir inside a brick wall. Anchal’s life too falls in trouble.







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