Aryan to put KaiRa in bad light in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik gets defamed by someone’s planning. Kartik loses his presentation. Manish gets upset with him. Aryan asks Manish to see if Kartik is really capable to manage work or not. Someone wants Kartik to remain a henpecked husband. Naira and Kartik face a big trouble. Manish’s terms with Kartik get spoiled. Kartik tells Manish that he had worked hard and prepared the presentation for the clients. He finds the file missing and lands in an embarrassing moment. The family learns that Kartik just holds Naira’s dance academy files. He tells Manish that he had checked everything well, he doesn’t know how did this happen. The clients land at home.

Aryan manages to save the day. Aryan asks clients not to go on his English language, and just see the profitable points. Aryan gives the presentation. Clients like the presentation and choose to work with Aryan. Client asks Aryan to submit the presentation and meet him for further work. Manish feels proud of Aryan, who has proved to be more capable than Kartik. Kartik doesn’t feel bad that Aryan is winning praise. He feels upset that he has turned down Manish’s expectations.

Naira stands by Kartik’s side. She decides to find out who has deleted the presentation file from Kartik’s laptop. Kartik doesn’t know how Aryan’s presentation idea matched with his ideas. He asks Naira to relax, as he regrets for the loss more than her. Naira will find out Aryan’s involvement behind defaming Kartik. Dadi gets upset with Kartik and Naira. She still believes that Naira is spoiling Kartik’s life. Kartik doesn’t doubt that Aryan is trying to spoil his image. He thanks Aryan for saving Goenka’s respect.

Kartik is in a dilemma and wants Aryan to manage family business. He is ready to make a sacrifice to get rights for Aryan. He wants to move back and make Aryan ahead, but not at the cost of Manish’s respect in business circle. Naira will make Aryan admit his mistake in front of the family and prove Kartik’s innocence.


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