Ishita to cleverly trick Raman-Simmi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ishita tries to know if Raman has realized his feelings for her. Raman denies to love his business partner Ishita. Ishita understands he is just denying, but he really loves her. She wishes to tell him the truth of their relation. Ishita takes care of Simmi. She wishes Simmi changes like before. She tries to know how Simmi is giving the drugs to Raman. She asks Simmi about Ananya’s loss. Simmi doesn’t share anything with her. Raman tells Simmi that Ishita didn’t return with Ashok. He doubts Ishita is hiding something.

Simmi tries to know about Ashok and Ishita’s travel. Ishita hears them and informs Ashok about Simmi’s move. She shares her plan with Ashok and Shagun. She makes an appearance in front of Raman to end his doubt. Raman sees Ishita and misses to talk to her. He gets upset over her conversation with Ashok. Ishita takes the disguise to return home.

Ishita secretly meets Ashok. She gets spotted by Simmi and Raman. They doubt on Shanno’s intentions. They follow Shanno and reach Ashok’s house. Raman suggests that they should enter Ashok’s house and know Shanno’s connection with Ashok. They find Shanno with Ashok. They confront Shanno. Ishita cooks up a sad tale again. Raman and Simmi believe her and make a leave. Ishita looks after Ashok. She wants Ashok to start his treatment soon. Raman gets close to realize his feelings for Ishita. Shagun helps out Ishita in switching her identity.


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