Manish gets apologetic for Dadi’s blunders in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik works on his presentation. He attends Naira’s work call, which makes Dadi assume that he is just working on Naira’s dance event. She gets worried for Manish’s business. Dadi dislikes Naira for controlling Kartik. Naira seeks advice from Naitik. Naitik guides her. Naitik thinks of his problem. He couldn’t share the matter with family, since he doesn’t wish to hurt them. Naksh apologizes to Kirti for withdrawing support. He assures her that he will always be on her side to help, but she would have to expertise herself. Aryan learns about Kartik’s planning to impress Manish. Aryan wants to make his own way to reach Manish’s heart.

Naitik learns the shocking thing. He hears the family talking about Dadi ousting Naira from the house. Naitik barges into Goenka house to confront Dadi for her biggest mistake. He vents out all his anger over Dadi. Dadi has her own stand and beliefs. Naitik scolds her for ill-treating her bahu. Naitik and Dadi’s argument gets on. Naira worries that Dadi is hurting Naitik’s sentiments.

Aryan gets an opportunity to tamper Kartik’s presentation. Naitik insults Dadi for having a cheap mentality. He doesn’t care for Goenkas listening to him. He tells them that he won’t tolerate anything against Naira. He warns Dadi against hurting Naira again. He tells Goenkas that he isn’t taking action against them as he doesn’t want to hurt Kirti’s heart. He tells them that Naira loves in-laws more than her own family.

He then reprimands Dadi for stealing the shank. He tells them that he didn’t wish to hurt Dadi’s emotions, when he has saw her stealing the shank, he could have caught her red-handed and exposed her right in front of the family. He makes Dadi realize her mistake. He shows his big heart for always forgiving Dadi’s mistakes. He secures Naira’s future by giving away part of his property. He asks Naira not to expect anything from her in-laws. Naira keeps Kartik’s self-esteem and refuses to take help. Manish apologizes to Naitik on Dadi’s behalf. He realizes Naitik isn’t wrong on his stance. Dadi tears the property papers to further disregard Naitik’s sentiments.


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