Naamkarann: Neil to rescue Neela and Mishti


Neil makes Ballu too drunk. He acts loyal and wins Ballu’s trust. He then instigates Ballu to reveal about Neela and Mishti’s location. Ballu takes him to the secret place. Neil ties him up and does arrangements to run away with Neela and Mishti. Vidyut stops Neela and Mishti. He says you have saved Mishti from my cage, you wanted to take her away, but this won’t happen. He asks Mishti does she not love her dad. Neela tells him that he doesn’t deserve to be called a dad. Neil reaches there and beats up Vidyut. Vidyut asks his men not to come in between. Vidyut and Neil’s fight goes on. Vidyut’s men beat up Neil.

Neil’s life falls in danger. He gets at gunpoint. Neil wants to save Neela and Mishti. He asks Neela to run away with Mishti and not worry for his life. Vidyut likes the fight with Neil. He asks Neil to practice fight with him every week. He says Neo has won today, you can take Neela and Mishti. Neil manages to save Neela and Mishti. He gets them home and surprises the family. Ragini Pandit tries to bury Avni alive. She doesn’t want Vidyut to marry Avni. She tells Avni that she hates her a lot, she can never let her son go on her side. Avni stays semi-conscious and tied up inside. Jailer helps Ragini Pandit in her crime.

Later on, Neil interrogates Vidyut. He tries to make Vidyut accept Neela’s kidnapping. Vidyut denies the blames. Neil asks Vidyut about Mishti. Vidyut asks Neil to get evidence against him first. Vidyut doesn’t let Neil prove anything. He pleads his innocence. Neil visits the jail and learns that Avni has escaped. He tells jailer that this isn’t possible, she has promised him that she won’t run away.

Jailer tells him that Avni is too determined. Sunehri helps Neil in finding Avni. He gets the hints clue by Avni. He finds Avni buried behind the wall. He gets Avni treated. He wishes she gets fine. He thanks Sunehri for her help. The prisoners pray for Avni. Neil feels guilty that Avni is bearing so much despite being innocent. He wants to prove her innocence soon. He doesn’t wish Avni to become Ragini Pandit’s target again.


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