Rantej to target Teni and Parth in Dil Se Dil Tak and Laado 2 merger

Teni and Shovrori in Dil Se Dil Tak

Anushka gets a big shock knowing about Yuvraaj and Rantej’s relation. She sheds tears seeing Yuvraaj supporting Rantej. She has trusted Yuvraaj a lot. She didn’t expect him to support Rantej. Amma ji asks Anushka why didn’t she believe her before. Anushka feels bad. Yuvraaj wanted Jhanvi’s culprits to get caught. He didn’t know Rantej is the accused. He believes Balwant’s words. Balwant told him that Amma ji using Anushka for revenge against them. He thinks Amma ji has asked Anushka to frame Rantej and ruin their happiness. He is glad that Rantej is proved innocent. Rantej plans to kidnap Teni. Anushka learns his plans.

Teni gets caught by Balwant’s goons. Anushka and Parth reach Teni. Parth fights with the goons to save Teni. Anushka doesn’t want Teni and Parth to fall in trouble. Parth gets beaten up by the goons. Teni shouts for Parth. Anushka protects Parth from her enemies. The goons kidnap Parth. Anushka and Teni try to rescue him.

Rantej comes home. Yuvraaj welcomes Rantej with dhol nagada. Anushka gets upset seeing the criminals celebrating. The goons inform Rantej that they couldn’t kidnap Teni, but they caught her husband. Rantej says Teni will come to rescue her husband, catch her, she doesn’t know I m a storm. He says Teni can’t do anything now, Anushka will blame herself for Parth’s death, whoever wants to help Anushka will die like Parth.

Rantej meets Parth. He hangs him over the ice slab. He asks Parth to think of his loved ones before his death. Parth gets angry hearing disgusting things from Rantej. Rantej makes a video and sends to Teni. He wants her to come in his trap. Anushka and Teni reach the godown to save Parth. Rantej’s goons ignite fire there. Teni asks Anushka to think of something. They save Parth.


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