Ratan to know Diya’s wishful life partner in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya


Diya expresses her happiness in front of Ratan. Ratan asks her what type of husband does she want, what qualities is she expecting in her husband. She refuses to tell him. He insists her to write down her expectations on the white board. She shows the mehendi on her hands and asks how will she write down. Ratan sits to note down her desires. She tells him that her husband should be loving, caring and understanding. He says that’s obvious to everyone, she should emphasize. She wants her husband to understand her heart and make her every day pass happily. Ratan jokes on her wishes.

She tells him that everyone is not like him. She says the person should be similar to her and respect her small wishes, like filling sindoor in her hairline every morning. He tells her that Abhay has high expectations from her. She tells him that she will fulfill Abhay’s expectations.

He says you don’t know anything, he wants a good looking wife, who should be sensible, smart and stylish. He asks her not to be boring, else Abhay won’t like her. Their mindset doesn’t match. He asks her to say if the points are matching. She tells him that its his wishes, not Abhay’s, Abhay is down to earth and won’t expect anything from her. She feels lucky that she isn’t marrying Ratan. He tells her that he isn’t wishing for a wife like her. They end up arguing.


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