A fresh lease of life for Ahana in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan tells Ahana how he has lost his best friend. He convinces her to give a chance to her life for his sake. He asks Ahana to value life and give herself a chance too. Ahana agrees to him. They get emotional. Rehaan gets Ahana to some random bungalow. She asks him if he is sure that its his friend’s house. He worriedly looks for a way. He enters via the window and guides her. He shows her the bungalow, with lack of knowledge. Ahana starts evaluating the house’s interiors to know the spots requiring a change. Rehaan likes to spend time with her. He gets glad finding her happy and engaged. Ahana doesn’t know Rehaan is admiring her secretly.

Rehaan worries when the owner returns home. He asks Ahana to wind up things and just run. Ahana asks him why are they hiding. Rehaan doesn’t answer her. He asks her to just hide and not question him. They both hide under the bed, when the owners enters the room. Rehaan apologizes to Ahana.

Ahana asks him to justify himself. She understands he has lied to her about his friend’s ancestral house. Rehaan and Ahana get saved from getting caught. They witness an old couple’s romance. Time passes and they fall asleep at the same place. The old couple doesn’t get aware of their presence. Ahana likes the funny situation they landed in. They leave from the bungalow.


Ahana asks Rehaan to know about his friend’s arrival. She learns Rehaan’s big lie. Rehaan justifies his lie, that he was just doing this to cheer her up by having a much needful vacation. Ahana tells him that she isn’t so foolish and knew this already. Rehaan apologizes to her. She tells him that he has given her a reason to live, he has inspired her, her hatred for him has changed into a beautiful friendship. She thanks Rehaan for his attempt. She accepts the fresh lease of life planned by Rehaan for her. She asks Rehaan the reason behind helping her. He tells her that he is just repenting for his mistakes. He hides his true feelings from her, being afraid to lose a friend.


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