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Shakti: Soumya gets threatening note by Maharani. She reads that she will be facing her enemy at night. Soumya worries. Mohini tells Maharani that Soumya is doubting on her. Maharani tells her that her plan is close towards the final point, she would be meeting Soumya face-to-face. Maharani calls her goon home. The goon enters the house on pretext of pest control. He hands over a gun to Maharani. Maharani’s truth comes out in front of everyone. She holds Soumya and Preeto captive at gun point.


Ragini Pandit buries Avni inside a wall. Neil finds out Avni. He breaks the wall and rescues Avni. He gets worried for Avni’s life. He hugs Avni and asks her to open eyes. He feels Avni is losing his breath. He promises to protect her. He tells her that he will always be there with her as shadow, she has to get back to him once. Avni has tolerated Ragini Pandit’s wrath with courage. Avni asks jailer to call the doctor. Doctor is called for the emergency. Doctor checks Avni and tells Neil that Avni’s life is in danger, they need to shift her to the hospital. Avni gives some message to Neil.


Avni feeds the medicines to Piyush. She looks after him. Avni and Piyush are fond of each other. She asks him will he feel good if she stays with him in his house. He tells her that he will be very happy, but can this happen, if she can stay with him. She says it will happen only if Simar wants, Simar doesn’t want us to be together, she has asked me to get away from you. Piyush feels Simar is bad. He says I told her that I want you here. She says there is a way by which I can stay here. He asks her to share the idea, he can do anything.

Laado 2:

Yuvraaj and Anushka have an argument. He scolds her for misbehaving with his family. Yuvraaj gets irritated when the cupboard doesn’t open. He kicks the cupboard. He falls in trouble when the cupboard falls over him. His family timely helps him out. On the other side, Amma ji takes a shocking avatar to punish Rantej and his friends. She has found a new way to teach them a lesson. Amma ji wants revenge from Rantej. She adds poison in the wine bottles.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan throws a party for Abhay and Diya. He wants to bring romance in their lives. He celebrates their bachelors’ party. Abhay waits for Diya. He gets praising Diya. Ratan tells Abhay that he has gifted a dress to Diya, she would be looking very pretty today, she will need much time to get ready, she will look a teenager today. Diya arrives in the party. Diya doesn’t wear Ratan’s gifted dress. She wears a traditional dress. Abhay compliments Diya. Ratan gets upset. Diya feels Abhay likes her the way she is, he will accept her.


Chakor tells the villagers that Suraj can recall the past, he is recollecting his childhood days, if they try to make him recall, they will succeed. The villagers agree to support her. Bhuvan says it will be a great thing if Suraj recalls the past and becomes our protector like before. Chagan too gets ready to help Chakor. She is willing to face any dangers. Pakhi tells Chakor that Lord has given her a new hope, till Suraj regains his memory, they have to make Imli and Ranvijay away from Suraj. Chakor says we have to divert their attention. Pakhi tells Chakor that they can put Imli’s business in trouble, so that Imli gets busy.

Kabir learns Ranvir is the one who has attacked him. Ranvir cheated to marry Anchal. Anchal learns his truth. Ranvir tries to emotionally blackmail Kabir. He worries that Anchal may tell his truth to everyone. Anchal is in dilemma. She is scared of Ranvir’s madness.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira and Anant go on a double date with Vijay and Bulbul. She threatens Vijay to reveal their relation’s truth to Bulbul. He refuses to her. She keeps signing him to tell the truth himself, else she will tell Anant and Bulbul everything about their intimate relation. Vijay hides his affair from Anant and Bulbul. Mandira compels Vijay. Mandira then plans a truth and dare game. The couples enjoy some light moments. Mandira plans to shock Vijay.

She makes Vijay feel guilty. She asks Vijay about his first love. Vijay gets stuck. Mandira then gives a dare to Bulbul. She asks Bulbul to kiss Vijay. She wants Vijay to recall their moments. Vijay stops Bulbul from kissing him. He doesn’t want Mandira to hurt Bulbul. He tries to stop Mandira. Mandira vents out anger by drowning Bulbul in the lake. Mandira wants Vijay to accept her back in his life.

Tu Aashiqui:

Ahaan is very happy to get engaged. He dances and express his happiness. Everyone gets happy seeing Ahaan’s excitement. The family does the preparation. Ahaan takes help from Poorva to decide his attire. Poorva meets Pankti and congratulates her. Pankti shares her fear about Anita. Poorva asks her not to worry with negative thoughts. Pankti has fear that something will go wrong. Poorva asks her to look forward to her dreams getting true. She helps Pankti get ready for the engagement.


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