Naira decides to restore Kartik’s esteem in Yeh Rishta….


Singhanias miss Akshara. They help Kirti know Naksh’s likes and dislikes. Kirti plans a surprise for Naksh. She orders chinese food for him. He asks her why didn’t she order food for the family. He asks Kirti to think of his family before him. He asks her to win everyone by her love. Kirti promises to pay them more respect. Naksh apologizes to her. Kirti tells Naksh that she didn’t wish to hurt him. He tells her that he also has to value her feelings. Baisa sees Naksh dining with Kirti and gets upset.

Aryan handles the presentation well. Naira finds his ideas similar to that of Kartik. Kartik tells her that Aryan has saved Manish from insult, and that’s what matters to them now. He feels happy that Aryan is managing things well. Client gets impressed with Aryan’s work. He gives his nod for the deal. Manish feels proud of Aryan. He happily hugs Aryan. Kartik too applauds for Aryan. Naira wonders where did Kartik’s work files disappear. Kartik and Naira apologize to Manish.

Manish doesn’t forgive them for this. Naira wants to find out who has planned things against Kartik. She asks Kartik to focus on his work from now on. She feels relations may spoil because of her work gaining Kartik’s attention more. She doesn’t want Kartik to get scolded.

Naira practices dance at home, in the absence of family members. Kartik joins her. They have romance during the rehearsals. The family returns home. Manish gets the clients home. They experience an awkward moment when they find KaiRa dance rehearsals going on. Dadi and Manish hate the sight of Kartik pleasing Naira. Naira gets tensed on seeing the family. Kartik tells the family about Naira’s dance event. Dadi scolds Naira for spoiling their reputation by not keeping her husband’s respect. Naira feels bad when everything goes against her wish. She doesn’t want anyone to punish Kartik for his immense love. She decides to keep Kartik away from her dance event. The family loses faith in Kartik. Naira decides to win back the family’s belief in Kartik. She wants Kartik to get his deserved respect.


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