Surprises, realizations and more twists lined in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Ahana gets inspired by Rehaan. She tries to connect with Anant again. She calls Anant for a talk. Roshni intervenes between them. She takes revenge from Ahana by making her distant from Ahana. Ahana thinks Anant doesn’t want to talk to her. She feels Anant doesn’t have trust on her love anymore. She gets depressed. Rehaan tries to cheer her up. Rehaan sings a romantic song for her at the restaurant. He tells everyone that Ahana is his friend and his song is just to strengthen their friendship. Ahana thinks of Anant and sheds tears. All her sorrow surfaces. Ahana leaves from the restaurant. She gets driven by a burst of emotions. She tries to commit suicide once again.

Rehaan worries for her and asks her to talk to him once. He barges into the room to stop her from committing a big mistake. Ahana doesn’t listen to him. He tells her that he can’t see her ending her life. Rehaan kisses her in an attempt to stop her suicide. She gets carried away as well. She feels guilty for her mistake. She loses courage to face Anant and Laila.

She feels she has always questioned Laila and hated her for her cheat, and she has done the same today by cheating Anant. Ahana wants to mend her mistake. She falls in a big dilemma. She recalls Laila’s words and thinks Anant and her marriage isn’t getting successful. She wants to set everything right. Rehaan too feels guilty. He gets Ahana’s note. Ahana leaves for home alone. Rehaan gets left behind in Goa. Rehaan worries for her. Ahana realizes her feelings for Rehaan, but denies.


She comes home and gets to see Laila at Anant’s house. Anant tells Ahana that he had planned this surprise for her. Ahana thanks him. Anant decides to start afresh. He asks her about Rehaan. Ahana tells Anant that she is happy. Her guilt starts bothering her. Rehaan returns home and gets to see Anant back. Laila sees Rehaan and Ahana. She senses some awkwardness between them and worries. Rehaan apologizes to Ahana. She doesn’t feel sorry for whatever happened. Will Ahana reciprocate Rehaan’s love and cheat Anant? Keep reading.


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