Ishita to calm Ruhi’s cropping fears in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Simmi fails to see Ishita with Raman. Ishita gets alerted by Shagun. She manages to escape and takes the disguise of Shanno again. Raman tells Simmi that he was dancing with Ishita, who had really come on his invitation. He tells them that Ishita was in hurry and left soon. Simmi gets angered when she learns Ishita is playing a game with her. Ruhi gets afraid seeing the fire and recalls Nikhil. Ishita finds Ruhi in trouble. She tries to meet Ruhi and know her fears. Ruhi gets threatened by Nikhil. She locks herself in the room to protect herself.

Ishita meets Ruhi and finds her in a vulnerable state. Ishita gives her strength. She asks Ruhi to forget whatever is frightening her. Ruhi asks her to stay with her till the family comes back. Ishita asks her not to be afraid of anyone. She relieves Ruhi’s fears. She bonds with her, even though Ruhi doesn’t know its her Ishimaa.

Nikhil tells Parmeet that he has come in Lohri to scare Ruhi and take revenge. He wants to ruin Ruhi’s life. Parmeet asks Nikhil not to complicate things. He sends Nikhil off. He doesn’t know what is Nikhil up to. Raman fails to prove that he really met Ishita. He thinks the family is finding him mad. Ishita manipulates Simmi. She tells Simmi that Raman is missing Ishita a lot, it means he is affected by some black magic, maybe done by Ishita. She asks Simmi to protect Raman from Ishita’s magic. Simmi doesn’t want Ishita to spoil her game. She trusts Shanno and reveals her intentions against Raman and Ishita. Ishita wants Simmi to know the medium of drugging Raman. Ishita doesn’t forgive Simmi for ruining Raman’s life.


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