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Laado 2: Amma ji wanted to kill Rantej and his friends. She goes missing. Anushka and Yuvraaj go to search for her. They have a moment, when Yuvraaj saves her from a falling wooden board. Anushka sees love in his eyes. They look for Amma ji at many places. They don’t find Amma ji. Anushka doesn’t want Rantej to get killed by Amma ji. She wants to stop Amma ji from committing another crime. Yuvraaj cares for Anushka and apologizes to her. Saroja calls them and asks them to find Amma ji soon.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

Janki keeps a Swayamvar for Daali. Badimaa tells Kanhaiya that Daali fights with Janki a lot, but she is the one who loves Janki the most. Kanhaiya knows Daali is much spoilt by Janki’s love. He uses Daali’s love for Janki to change her. He knows Daali can change only by love and emotions. Kanhaiya promises to find the best groom for Daali and get her married, while Rocky dreams to marry Daali to get her property.



Manish feels Kartik is no longer capable to manage the business. He tells Dadi that Kartik is losing his focus, all he wants to do is work with Naira. He removes Kartik from the deal. Naira gets hurt seeing Kartik bearing the insult. She decides to stay in Singhania house for few days, so that Kartik doesn’t get bothered about her work and focuses on business. Kartik asks Naira why didn’t she tell him that she has gone for the event rehearsals all alone. Naira tells him that she wanted to ease out things. He gets upset that she didn’t involve him. Naira sheds tears. She fails to explain him the reason behind her step. She finds tough to stay away from him.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Vallabh lands in Devina mansion to stop Ira and Akhilesh’s marriage. He learns Ira’s big lie and gets shattered. Akhilesh doesn’t want Pushpa to know Ira’s truth, of being an educated and modern girl. He hides that Ira is a doctor. Akhilesh tries to manage the situation.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Siddhi learns Vin Kundra is her childhood friend Vinayak. She scolds him for hiding the truth from her, while Vin apologizes to her for all the tortures. He tells her that he wants to save her life from Shankar. Shankar vows to kill the witness who’s going to ruin Vin’s bright future. Siddhi tells Vin that she will seek justice for Zai, by giving her statement against him in the court. Vin asks her to believe him once, he is really innocent. She gets in a dilemma. She recalls Vinayak injuring Aniket many years ago. Siddhi will be falling in a fatal situation, when she will be burnt alive. Siddhi will be losing her identity and face, and return in Vin’s life to take revenge, by employing a new identity.


Piyush and Avni play a hide and seek game. He finds Avni. He asks Avni to count down and find him. Avni asks him to hide in storeroom. He enters the storeroom and gets to see family pictures. Piyush gets disturbed when he sees Roshni and his marriage pictures. He recalls the moment when he lost Roshni. He cries for Roshni. He doesn’t know his relation with Roshni. The dilemma continues. Avni gets worried for him and calls the family. The family sees Piyush’s critical state. Prem and Simar try to relieve Piyush.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Maasi and Aditya make a plan to trap Uma in Paulmi’s murder case. They both get away from the city and leave for Bangkok, so that Kanak can never reach them. Maasi sends some goons to protest against Uma and kill him, on pretext of getting justice for Paulmi. The goons beat up Uma and lit fire to kill him. Uma gets saved by Kanak. Uma jumps in the lake to blow off the fire. Kanak and Vansh believe in Uma, while Ved wants to do his duty towards the law. Ved searches for Uma, while Kanak and Vansh take Uma with them. Kanak tells Uma that this fight is getting too long, they have to catch the real culprit to prove his innocence. She tells him that they have to go Bangkok and nab Maasi and Aditya. Kanak saves Uma from Maasi’s evil plan. Uma agrees to Kanak’s idea.


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