Diya to shatter with Abhay’s deceive in Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya

Diya treasure loss Tellyreviews

Diya is taken to the altar by her family. Diya feels low as Ratan has left from her life. She wanted Ratan to be part of her wedding. Abhay doesn’t turn up for the wedding. Diya waits for Abhay. Time passes and gets tension for Diya’s parents. Diya’s dad dreams of Diya and Abhay’s marriage to happen well. He worries that Abhay wouldn’t come for the marriage. Diya’s dad collapses by tension. Diya rushes to her dad and pacifies him. She believes Abhay will come. Ratan reaches Kesar Mahal and learns about Diya’s family in trouble.

They tell Ratan that Abhay didn’t come for marrying Diya. Ratan finds Diya in sorrow. He worries as he was already sensing this to happen, but he didn’t expect Abhay to really back out from marriage. Pandit asks Diya’s family to call the groom, as mahurat is passing off. They send someone at Abhay’s house. Ratan too visits Abhay’s house. He finds the house locked. He doesn’t find anyone there. Ratan finds Abhay missing. He asks the neighbors about Abhay. He breaks the truth to Diya’s parents. Ratan will eventually marry Diya.


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