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Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Dada ji asks Satrupa to withdraw the case, when Anami is claiming Adhiraj is innocent. Dheeru gives them some time to take the decision. He warns them against critical consequences. Satrupa goes against Dada ji’s decision. She refuses to withdraw the case. She tells Dheeru that she isn’t scared of his threatening. Anami feels bad for Adhiraj. Dada ji asks Satrupa not to have enmity with Dheeru. She doesn’t obey him. She tells Dada ji that they are just thinking about the business than Anami’s safety and respect. She apologizes to Dada ji and declines his request.


Dadi alerts Kirti of Naira’s presence at home. Kirti doesn’t want to listen to Dadi. Dadi asks Kirti not to let Naira win everyone’s attention much. Bhabhimaa hears Kirti and Dadi’s conversation. She understands Dadi’s insecurities. She tries to comfort Kirti so that no problems arise in the family. Kirti gets glad when things don’t seem to change. Kirti spends time with Naksh. She acts of being angry with him, which makes him put more efforts in their relationship.


Tej turns up at Shivay’s house to apologize to him and Anika. Tej begins to berate his bad deeds. He apologizes to Gauri for doing her Shraddh. Gauri and Anika forgive Tej. Shivay tells Tej that they can never hold a high place that they can forgive elders. He says Tej always had a right on us to scold. He doesn’t get upset with Tej. He doesn’t want small issues to break their family. He tells Tej that he wants to make a new start, since he wants to see his family united and happy like before. Tej gets happy that Shivay got convinced so easily. Omkara doubts on Tej’s intentions.


Neil gets clues about Avni’s presence in the jail. He senses the high probability of Avni’s life falling in danger. He tells DD that Avni is close to him, and he can senses she is in deep trouble. He sends his team to look out for Avni everywhere. He then gets to see the newly built wall. He finds it strange and gets suspicious. He breaks the wall and finds Avni inside. Neil saves Avni’s life. He apologizes to leave her alone and unprotected. He vows to always support her and give her happiness. He rushes Avni to the hospital. Neil’s true love saves her life.


Ruhi thanks Ishita/Shanno for her help. Ishita wants to know what’s troubling Ruhi. Ruhi gets late for the meeting and rushes. Ishita also gets reminded about the meeting. She makes an excuse of meeting her ailing brother. She gets a leave from household work. She gets back to form and reaches the office to help Raman. Ruhi offers help to Ishita. She gets to see Nikhil again, which terrifies her. Ishita comes for the meeting, and hides her face from Raman again. She lies to Raman that she has a cold injection. Simmi finds Ishita clever. Mihika shocks them by her decision of selling her shares.

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara:

Anant plans a birthday party for Laila. Ahana tells him that he doesn’t need to do anything to please her, as she can’t fake her happiness for the world. She doesn’t want to compromise in life. She just wants to do something that gives her real happiness. Anant asks her to go ahead and achieve happiness her way. She cancels the party plans. He asks her for a dinner date, to which she nods. Ahana doesn’t want to suffer more in her relation by having big expectations. She finds hard to forgive Anant.


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