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TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Diya is taken to the altar by her family. Diya feels low as Ratan has left from her life. She wanted Ratan to be part of her wedding. Abhay doesn’t turn up for the wedding. Diya waits for Abhay. Time passes and gets tension for Diya’s parents. Diya’s dad dreams of Diya and Abhay’s marriage to happen well. He worries that Abhay wouldn’t come for the marriage. Diya’s dad collapses by tension. Diya rushes to her dad and pacifies him. She believes Abhay will come. Ratan reaches Kesar Mahal and learns about Diya’s family in trouble.

Harman catches Maharani. Maharani begs Harman for her life. Maharani then cheats Harman and tries to kill him. Maharani gets a boulder to hit on Harman’s head. Maharani asks Harman to think of his life and Soumya if she tells the truth in front of police. Harman doesn’t deter. Police reaches there and shoots at Maharani, which makes her fall down the cliff. Maharani’s chapter comes to an end.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:


Mihika exposes Shanno. She tells Raman and Simmi that Ishita was cheating them till now. Mihika is planning to divorce Romi and marry Raman. Raman gets angry when Mihika reveals the truth. Raman learns that Ishita was living in Bhalla house as the maid. He confronts Shagun for cheating him and making fun of his emotions, when she knew his feelings for Ishita. He rebukes Shagun for getting Ishita as Shanno in his house. He tells Shagun that he knows the entire truth and nothing can justify her. Simmi asks Ishita to get out from her house. Ishita tells her family that she has done everything for Raman, she didn’t do anything wrong.

Aapke Aa Jaane Se:

Badimaa throws a grand party to celebrate Sahil’s birthday. The family is happy that Sahil has come back. Badimaa wants Sahil to get all the happiness of the world. Sahil bonds with his friends. Vedika and her family arrive in his birthday party. Sahil announces that its Vedika’s birthday too. He wishes Vedika. Badimaa blesses Sahil. She welcomes Vedika. Badimaa plans to insult Vedika in the party.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Maasa points the gun at Mukund. Adhiraj and Devi beg Maasa not to kill Mukund. They try their best to stop Maasa. Maasa tells them that she can’t accept Mukund and Kiran’s relationship. Maasa shoots down Mukund and Kiran. She sheds tears after shooting at her son. Adhiraj doesn’t support Maasa’s crime. Kesar turns into a widow after Maasa’s evil doing.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Akhilesh doesn’t want to force Ira for marriage. He tries his best to make Vallabh support Ira in her decision. He tells Vallabh that the marriage is just a drama plotted to save Pushpa’s life. Vallabh doesn’t agree to bless Ira for her life’s destruction. Akhilesh makes many vows to support Ira’s studies and dreams. Ira sheds tears with the thought of hurting her dad’s emotions. She gets in a dilemma to choose either of Vallabh and Akhilesh. Ira leaves from the house, which makes everyone assume that she has left Akhilesh in the mandap. Pushpa thinks Ira doesn’t want to marry Akhilesh. Devina taunts Akhilesh for losing his prospective bride again. He also feels Ira has run away, but doesn’t feel anything wrong. Akhilesh worries for Pushpa’s health.


Shivay gets united with Tej again. Tej plays a drama to apologize to Shivay for his mistakes. Shivay forgives Tej and wishes to make a new start. Omkara and Rudra doubt on Tej’s intentions. Omkara doesn’t let Shivay make any promise to Tej again. Anika learns Tej’s secret which shocks her. She gets to know that Tej mocked a heart attack to throw out Shivay from Oberoi mansion. Shivay already knew Tej’s truth, but has hidden it from Anika. She asks Tej not to let the family break. Shivay asks Anika not to worry, they will keep the family united.

Piyaa Albela:
Naren shows fake love towards Pooja. He forgives Pooja’s mistakes, but doesn’t support her. Pooja has left the house for Naren’s sake. She wants to find out the culprit behind the attack on Supriya. She doesn’t want Naina to harm Naren. She wants to prove Chandrika’s innocence. Naren just see his profits. Pooja wants to find out Naina’s planning. She decides to stay with Naren and solve the mess. Naren is focussed on his business. Naren gets insulting Pooja. He asks Chandrika to save her daughter, as they have just less time left now. He threatens to get them killed. Naren’s hatred for Pooja gets on increasing. He knows Pooja is doing the drama again. He doesn’t want to fall for Pooja again.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Parth and Teni are trying their best to find Shorvori. They reach the music school, after getting the news of Shorvori’s presence there. Parth feels Shorvori is the music teacher. He sees someone else. He gets upset. The music teacher reprimands Parth. Teni requests the music teacher to help Parth in finding his wife. Teni doesn’t want to let Parth’s hopes shatter. She derives hope and strength from him. She doesn’t think of her relationship with Parth and selflessly helps him.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Piyush plays with Avni in his kiddish ways. Piyush makes her wear the mangalsutra. He jumps happily. Avni angrily slaps him. She tells Simar and Mata ji what Piyush did. Simar tells Avni that they all know Piyush’s mental state. Avni learns her mum has provoked Piyush for doing this. Avni doesn’t want Piyush to become her mum’s target. She feels bad that Piyush was not at fault. She apologizes to Simar and Piyush. Avni’s mum makes them busy and tries to rob the house. When the family catches her, she tells them that Piyush has asked her to play a police-thief game. Piyush accepts the blame for Avni’s sake.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

Kanhaiya gets on impressing everyone in the family. Though the evil vamps Vaijanti and Devyaani vow to throw out Kanhaiya from the house, he doesn’t care and keeps doing his work with sincerity. He cooks up food for Daali. She refuses to have it at first. Daali then likes the taste and finishes the while dish. She then learns Kanhaiya has made a vegetarian dish, which she least likes. Daali gets praising of Kanhaiya’s culinary skills. Janki laughs at Daali’s side changing suddenly. Maya meets Kanhaiya. They both feel of having seen other before. Kanhaiya hides his identity truth from the family. Maya gets close to reveal his truth.


Leela feels Susheel has no quality to become a perfect bride. She laughs on Susheel’s mannerisms. Susheel tells her family that Satya has fallen in love with her simplicity and true heart, she doesn’t care if she doesn’t appear like a perfect bride. While Susheel shows her belief in Satya, he has wicked plans to abandon her and take revenge. Leela wants Susheel to suffer, so that she can take revenge from Mehul. Satya plans to break the marriage.

Tu Aashiqui:
Pankti prefers to stay alone for a while. She ponders over the shocking sorrow gifted by her mother. She thinks of her life journey and an angel taking away all her life’s problems. Pankti decides to stand up Ahaan through thick and think. Manav gets miffed knowing Pankti’s truth. Aparna explains him that Ahaan is not wrong if he wants to marry Pankti and change her life for the better, since Pankti truly deserves Ahaan’s love. Sheetal finds Anita a disgusting woman and reprimands her for selling her daughter for money. Vikram tells the family that he already knew Pankti’s truth. Vikram’s word shocks them, while JD worries for his truth surfacing.

Suraj secretly meets Chakor at the jail. He hides from Imli and Ranvijay. He deals with his growing feelings for Chakor. When Chakor gets tortured by Ranvijay, Suraj feels the pinch in his heart. Chakor answers Imli and Ranvijay in her style. Meanwhile, Kasturi creates a havoc outside the police station. She wants Chakor to get freed from all the allegations filed by Suraj. She calls the media and seeks help. She reveals that Suraj has disrobed Chakor in front of the entire village, even then Chakor can never take a step to murder Suraj. She pleads Chakor innocent and wants her out of the jail. Kasturi gains support from villagers and gets protesting against Suraj, Imli and Ranvijay.


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