Shivay struggles to unite the family in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Shivay goes missing; Omkara-Rudra to seek revenge

Tej turns up at Shivay’s house to apologize to him and Anika. Tej begins to berate his bad deeds. He apologizes to Gauri for doing her Shraddh. Gauri and Anika forgive Tej. Shivay tells Tej that they can never hold a high place that they can forgive elders. He says Tej always had a right on us to scold. He doesn’t get upset with Tej. He doesn’t want small issues to break their family. He tells Tej that he wants to make a new start, since he wants to see his family united and happy like before. Tej gets happy that Shivay got convinced so easily. Omkara doubts on Tej’s intentions.

He doesn’t want Tej to ruin their happiness. He tries to oust Tej from their lives. He tells Shivay that Tej can never change. Tej uses emotions against the brothers’ unity. He tries hard to convince Omkara. He tells them that he wants to be part of Rudra’s wedding. Omkara scolds Tej for falling to new levels every time. He stays adamant that he can’t forgive him. He asks Tej to leave from their lives.

Tej gets revengeful and swears to make Shivay out of Omkara and Rudra’s lives. He accepts the insult. He wishes Shivay to suffer with the separation from his brothers. Shivay doesn’t let Tej go. He tells Omkara that they have to forgive elders and unite. Omkara counts Tej’s mistakes. He asks Shivay not to defend Tej. Shivay wants his family united. He forgets everything that parted them. Dadi gets happy with Shivay’s sensibility. She asks Omkara to support Shivay’s decision. Omkara unwillingly gives in to Shivay’s wish.

Tej bonds with them like before. Tej wants Omkara and Rudra to believe him. The family enjoys Sankranti again. Obros romance with their partners, who teach them flying a kite. Veer challenges Shivay for a kite competition. Shivay refuses to him, while Anika accepts Veer’s challenge. She tells Veer that no one can defeat Shivay. Veer wants to defeat Shivay. Shivay and Veer have a competition, much to everyone’s surprise. Anika trains Shivay and helps him win the challenge. Veer congratulates the couple. Tej begins his plan to mock a heart attack. Veer helps Oberois to get closer to the family. Tej tries to win his sons again. Shivay learns Tej’s planning to win their trust.


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