Shocking: Raman to marry Mihika in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New troubles mount up for Raman

Mihika pressurizes Ishita to divorce Raman. She doesn’t reveal her motives and begins threatening Ishita. She then learns Ishita is acting as Shanno for her reasons. Mihika exposes Shanno. She tells Raman and Simmi that Ishita was cheating them till now. Mihika is planning to divorce Romi and marry Raman. Raman gets angry when Mihika reveals the truth. Raman learns that Ishita was living in Bhalla house as the maid. He confronts Shagun for cheating him and making fun of his emotions, when she knew his feelings for Ishita. He rebukes Shagun for getting Ishita as Shanno in his house. He tells Shagun that he knows the entire truth and nothing can justify her. Simmi asks Ishita to get out from her house. Ishita tells her family that she has done everything for Raman, she didn’t do anything wrong.

She says I wanted to save Raman from the harmful medicines given by Simmi. Simmi gets insulting Ishita. Romi gets angry on Simmi and Mihika. He asks them how can they provoke Raman against Ishita, knowing their relation. He knows Simmi is taking advantage of Raman’s memory track. Mihika and Simmi win in ending Ishita’s games.

Simmi wants to get Raman and Mihika married. Simmi sees her benefits, as Mihika is her crime partner now. She wants Mihika to help her in getting the house in her control again. Pihu informs Simmi’s plans to Ishita. Ishita’s family asks her not to go to Raman, there is no use now. Ishita learns Raman is getting remarried. She gets angry on his decision. She says I will tell Raman that I m his wife, he can’t marry anyone else when I m alive. She gets restless to meet Raman. She sheds tears. Ishita can’t tell Raman that they aren’t divorced. She can’t afford to lose Raman. She doesn’t want Raman to get any stress attack. What will Ishita do now? Keep reading.


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