Amma ji and Balwant’s clash lined in Laado 2


Amma ji fools Yuvraaj by using Anushka and Chumki. Anushka tells Yuvraaj that Rantej has kidnapped Chumki. He doesn’t find Chumki. He then learns that Amma ji has kidnapped his brothers. Tai ji worries that she will lose her sons and even her husband. She tells Yuvraaj that Balwant has gone to save her sons. Yuvraaj gets furious on Anushka for misleading him. He doubts Anushka is supporting Amma ji in her revenge. He worries for his family. Yuvraaj scolds Anushka for betraying him. He understands Amma ji’s game.

Amma ji hangs Rantej and his brothers over the pyre. Before she could shoot Rantej, Balwant reaches there and shoots at the ropes to save Rantej’s life. Amma ji tells Balwant that she will not give up today. She wants to kill Balwant’s three sons and punish them for their crimes. She ignites the funeral pyre for them. Balwant tells her that nothing can happen to her sons till he is alive. Balwant finds her raging for revenge. He saves his sons and makes them escape. Amma ji shoots down Balwant. He gets shot on his leg. He tries to escape. Amma ji chases him. He cheats her and runs away. He wants to kill Amma ji.

Amma ji wants to kill Balwant, while. Yuvraaj wants to end his enemies. He doesn’t want Amma ji to ruin his family. He spots Amma ji shooting at Balwant. He recalls his promise made to Tai ji. Amma ji says this punishment is for the one who didn’t give good values to his sons and made them evil minded. She shoots down Balwant and tells the people that she has ended a big sinner today. She fulfills her revenge. Anushka asks Amma ji what was she doing. She asks Amma ji not to take gun in her hands again. She asks her to leave everything in the hands of law. Yuvraaj picks a knife and throws at Amma ji. Yuvraaj tells Anushka that this is his reply to Amma ji’s crime. He lifts Balwant on his shoulders and rushes him to hospital. Anushka asks the villagers to help her take Amma ji to the hospital. Anushka loses Amma ji forever.


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