Gupta vows to ruin Ahana in Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara


Rehaan gets drawn towards Ahana. Ahana likes his company. She asks him never to tell her secrets to Anant. He explains her that he couldn’t see her in pain, he had to tell Anant so that she can get help. Ahana doesn’t want Anant to know anything so that he doesn’t get hurt. Roshni feels Anant is single-handedly mending his relation. Yamini advises her not to interfere in her parents’ relation. Roshni makes up her mind to end Anant and Ahana’s relationship.

Vyoma gets drunk and pleads Rehaan to accept her love. She wants him back in her life. Rehaan doesn’t want to hurt her by giving any false hopes. He apologizes to her for breaking her heart and asks her to take care. Vyoma plans to reveal Rehaan and Ahana’s growing bond to Anant via a letter. Vyoma writes a letter for Anant. She wishes Rehaan gets thrown out from Anant’s house. Ahana tries to return Laila’s dignity. She meets her finance manager to know about possible solutions to get her house back.

Gupta spots Ahana and gets humiliating her. Ahana holds her temper. Ahana warns him against bad mouthing about her family again. She teaches him a lesson. Gupta meets Saloni and threatens her about Ahana. He doesn’t want to accept the insult. He vows to ruin Ahana. Gupta throws out his anger on Saloni. She feels unwell by the stress peak. She calls up Tarun to inform him.

Anant plans to surprise Ahana by a token of love. He buys a pendant for her. He promises to win her heart again. Roshni learns Anant’s surprise plans for Ahana. Roshni decides to spoil Ahana’s happiness.


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