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Ikyawann:Satya and Susheel have a silent disco theme in their sangeet. Susheel likes her dad’s surprise. They all have an emotional performance. Mehul wants to see Susheel happy. Her family wants Satya and Susheel to have a good life. Susheel recalls her childhood and life journey. Satya and Leela see Susheel getting pampered by her family. Leela tries to make Susheel mad. She shows a knife in puja plate to Susheel and then hides it. Susheel tells her dad that someone is fooling her. Leela plays a good drama. Susheel doesn’t get calm. She asks them to believe her.


Neil and Avni’s sweet moments will be seen again. They all celebrate happiness after Avni returns home after six months. The family pampers Avni. They treat her like a princess. They enjoy the family time. Shweta gives a task to Neil. She asks Neil to make Avni laugh, cook food for her and emotionally content her. Neil praises Avni and makes her happy. Avni gets emotional with the family’s love. Neil gets a cute gift for Avni. Neil struggles to make food. Prakash helps him. They mess up the kitchen.


Simmi and Mihika exposed Ishita’s drama to stay in their house as the maid. Shagun couldn’t defend Ishita. She feels helpless when Raman throws out Ishita from the house again. Ishita goes to stay with her parents. Mihika meets Ishita at Iyer house and dumps the maid’s costumes. She asks Ishita to plan something better next time. Ishita is upset that Mihika is not understanding her and hurting her relationship with Raman. Mihika talks bitter things. Iyers take a stand for Ishita. Ishita didn’t imagine Mihika will oppose her. Mihika reminds them that Ishita didn’t support her in her divorce decision and forced her to stay with Romi.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Devi wants Kesar to get remarried. Maasa doesn’t let this happen. She tortures Kesar. She tries to bald off Kesar. She doesn’t want Kesar to have a child. She wants Kesar to abort Mukund’s child. She hates Mukund. She tries to break Kesar’s courage. Devi stops Maasa from shattering Kesar’s confidence. She saves Kesar from Maasa’s anger. Devi assures Kesar that she will make everything fine.

Ranvir forces romance on Anchal. He admits his feelings over again. Anchal hates him. She has witnessed his madness. He demands her to accept his love. Anchal is scared that he can kill anyone in his madness. She is badly caught up in the mess. He asks her to forget everything and make a new start with him. Ranvir’s obsession troubles Anchal. She tells him that she will not give up, she wants to see how much creepy he is, he can’t win her love this way. Ranvir doesn’t fall more in her eyes. He tells her that his victory will happen the day he wins her heart. She is getting shocks on learning new things about him every day.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Naira prepares to perfect her dance performance in the Republic day event. She gets blessings of her family. Dadi too wishes all the best to Naira. Kartik has a big presentation lined up. Goenkas have huge expectations from him. Naira didn’t wish Kartik to miss her dance performance. But, she wanted him to involve in business too. Naira arranges Kartik and Manish’s business meeting in the dance academy. Naksh and Kirti support Naira, and doesn’t care for Dadi’s weird thinking. Dadi finds Kirti happy and supported by Naksh. She gets glad that Naira’s presence at Singhania house didn’t affect Kirti’s married life.

Bhabhi ji Ghar Par Hai?:
Tiwari ji and Anita visit a farmhouse on sale. He asks Anita to show the farmhouse to Vibhuti and convince him for buying it. He tells her that its really getting sold at a cheap price. He plans a date with her and stops the bike at the Dhaba. He tells her that he will order cold drinks. Few goons trouble them at the Dhaba. The goons tease Anita. Tiwari ji gets scared of the goons. He just claims to thrash them. Anita sees him just boasting big things and not taking any action. Anita shows her daring side and beats the goons. Tiwari thanks her for stopping him from the fight, else he would have killed the goons.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Siddhi gets a call for a dance number. She doesn’t know Shankar is planning to kill her. Savita gets an intuition that Siddhi’s life is in danger. She gets praying for Siddhi. Shankar makes a plan to show Siddhi’s death as an accident. He sends the goon to burn the studio and kill Siddhi. Manjiri learns Shankar’s wicked plans and alerts Vin in time. She cries that Shankar has broken his promise. She asks Vin to save Siddhi’s life. She prays for Siddhi’s welfare. Vin reaches the studio to save Siddhi and sees the place blazing. Siddhi shouts for help. Vin gets helpless to see Siddhi burning in fire. Vin gets disheartened to lose out his love to his dad’s rage.

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se:

Badi Amma can’t accept Sahil’s love for Vedika. She doesn’t want Sahil to ruin his life by having a relation with Vedika. She is ready to do anything to end Sahil’s craze. She tries to explain Sahil to stay away from Vedika. She insults Vedika by making some guests taunt her about Sahil. Vedika feels bad hearing the humiliating comments and leaves from the party. Sahil worries for Vedika. He confronts Badimaa for insulting a dignified woman. Sahil doesn’t cut his birthday cake and leaves to find Vedika. He upsets the family.

Shivay confronts Tej for his fake heart attack. Tej accepts his drama. He blames Shivay for snatching his sons. Anika explains Tej that Shivay loves his brothers a lot. Shivay asks Anika not to attempt to convince Tej. Anika gets heartbroken. Shivay tells her that they will put double efforts in making everything fine. Shivay convinces his brothers to go home, as the family needs them. They have an emotional hug. He takes this decision for the betterment of the family.

Piyaa Albela:
Naina attempts to commit suicide. Naren’s family stops her. Naina tells them that she doesn’t want to live without Naren. Naren stops her in time. Naina sheds tears and makes Naren emotional. Naren asks Naina did she go mad that she is crossing limits to harm herself. Naina wants to ignite fire in Pooja’s life. Her drama gets intense. Naren doesn’t know Naina is planning to separate Pooja and him. Naina threatens to kill herself. Pooja doubts on Naina’s suicide drama.


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