Ishita to oppose Raman’s shocking decision in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Simmi and Mihika exposed Ishita’s drama to stay in their house as the maid. Shagun couldn’t defend Ishita. She feels helpless when Raman throws out Ishita from the house again. Ishita goes to stay with her parents. Mihika meets Ishita at Iyer house and dumps the maid’s costumes. She asks Ishita to plan something better next time. Ishita is upset that Mihika is not understanding her and hurting her relationship with Raman. Mihika talks bitter things. Iyers take a stand for Ishita. Ishita didn’t imagine Mihika will oppose her. Mihika reminds them that Ishita didn’t support her in her divorce decision and forced her to stay with Romi. She asks Ishita why did she oppose her and made her angry. Mihika is happy to support Simmi.

Simmi is very happy that Parmeet has taken Raman’s signatures on the divorce papers. She says you have done a big thing. Parmeet tells her that they are close to her win. Parmeet is happy to accomplish his motives. He tells Simmi that they will just submit the divorce papers in court soon, this will just break up Ishita and Raman’s happiness forever. Simmi says we will be fulfilling the revenge of our daughter’s loss.

Parmeet and Simmi want to rule over Bhalla house. He tells her how he has made Ishita sign on the papers. He says both Raman and Ishita have signed the papers, Ishita thought inspector has called her and got trapped in our plan. Mihika learns the good news. Simmi says you will get mad hearing the good news, Raman and Ishita’s divorce got final. Mihika gets happy seeing the signed papers. She asks Simmi how did they do this. Simmi tells her how Parmeet has played a smart game. She asks Mihika to get her kundli, she will show it to pandit and talk about Raman and Mihika’s marriage date. Mihika says Mrs. Iyer has my kundli, I need some time to get the kundli. Simmi asks her not to take tension. Simmi and Parmeet gear up to fix Raman and Mihika’s marriage.

Parmeet and Simmi have cheated Ishita and taken her signs on the divorce papers. Simmi has succeeded to separate Raman and Ishita. Raman agreed to get remarried. Simmi wants Raman to get away from Ishita. She brainwashes him. Raman tells the family that he wants to marry and not keep any relation with Ishita. She asks Simmi to find out any suitable life partner for him, he will just get married as soon as possible. Raman is angry on Shagun and Ishita’s planning. He says I won’t keep any personal or business relation with Ishita. Ishita will stop Raman’s remarriage.


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