Ishita’s ‘Shanno’ act gets known to Bhallas in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Raman badly misses Ishita. She calls him up, knowing he is missing her a lot. She doesn’t want him to come home. She tells him that there is a party going on at her home. She asks him to finish his talk on phone. She manages to balance her dual roles. She feels sad to cheat Raman. Ishita tries to know about Ruhi. Ruhi stays terrified. Simmi tries to relieve her fear. Ruhi tells Simmi that Nikhil has come to stay in their building. She stops Simmi from meeting Nikhil. Simmi doesn’t listen to her. She scolds Nikhil for troubling Ruhi. She asks Nikhil to leave the house. Simmi takes his class, while Nikhil is happy that Ruhi is staying afraid of him.

Mihika asks Simmi not to believe Shanno. She doubts that Shanno has more interest in Raman. She tells Simmi that they have to find out Shanno’s motives. They play a trick by using Pihu. Ishita rushes to see Pihu, sensing she is in danger. The family catches Ishita red handed in the drama. Raman gets to see Ishita’s truth. Mihika exposes Ishita’s drama.

She confronts Ishita for acting helpless and taking advantage of their goodness. Raman gets upset when Ishita disappoints the family. Ishita tells them that she is doing everything to keep her promise to Mr. Bhalla. Romi takes a stand for Ishita. He defends Ishita. Simmi and Mihika instigate Raman against Ishita. Raman gets angered hearing the arguments. Shagun gets informed by Aaliya. She can’t believe Mihika is losing her mind. She feels sorry for Ishita. Ishita tells them that she just valued the promise and came home to protect Raman. She tells the family that it was important to stay around Raman.

Raman asks her how can she deceive them this way. Ishita tells Mr. Bhalla that she didn’t break the promise given to him, she respected his words. She gets just sorrow in her share. The family feels Raman always falls in problem when Ishita is around. Raman feels Ishita has insulted them by her stupid drama. He asks Ishita if there is anything to justify her move. She justifies herself that she just wanted to protect Raman from hidden enemies. Raman scolds her for accusing his family. He doesn’t believe Ishita.


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