Naamkarann: Vidyut to regret for his huge mistake


Neil tricks Vidyut by using his father’s murder truth. He tells Vidyut that his mum has revealed his crimes. He asks Vidyut to admit the truth to save himself. He wants to know who has killed Juhi. He interrogates Vidyut. Vidyut feels betrayed by his mum. He thinks his mum has done this to snatch Avni from him. Neil threatens to put Vidyut behind bars. Vidyut frames his mum in Juhi’s murder case. Neil succeeds to break Vidyut and Ragini Pandit. Neil asks Ragini Pandit to accept the blame, as Vidyut is the witness this time. Ragini Pandit asks Vidyut not to fall in Neil’s trap.

Vidyut lies and frames his mum in the murder blame. He doesn’t want anyone to hinder his plans of marrying Avni. Ragini Pandit discourages Vidyut from revealing their secrets. Vidyut asks Neil to release Avni. Neil proves Avni’s innocence. Ragini Pandit asks Vidyut not to trust Neil.

Vidyut scolds her for attempting to murder Avni. She asks him not to fall weak because of Avni. She warns him that Neil will not spare him as well. Vidyut is made to resign from his MLA post. He is blamed to hide his mum’s crime. He learns Neil has really cheated him. Vidyut loses all his powers and influence. Neil tells Vidyut that true love has won over his wicked planning. He warns Vidyut against coming in his way again. Vidyut and Neil get threatening each other.

Avni waits for Neil at the hospital. She gets kidnapped and brought home by Neil. She beats Neil for playing such a bad prank. They have cute moments. Avni gets emotional on seeing her family. She thanks Neil for fulfilling her dream. The family rejoices Avni’s return. Bebe welcomes Avni home. Vidyut is kept under house arrest. DD assures that Vidyut doesn’t reach Neil again. Vidyut calls his mum and apologizes to her for his big mistake. She tells him that she has always saved him, but he has proved her wrong by breaking her pride. She scolds him for deceiving him. He promises to get her released. She regrets that her son has failed her. She ends ties with Vidyut. Vidyut loses everything. He gets mad by Neil’s cheat. He determines to kill Neil.


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