Naira to perfect her patriotic performance in Yeh Rishta…


Naira prepares to perfect her dance performance in the Republic day event. She gets blessings of her family. Dadi too wishes all the best to Naira. Kartik has a big presentation lined up. Goenkas have huge expectations from him. Naira didn’t wish Kartik to miss her dance performance. But, she wanted him to involve in business too. Naira arranges Kartik and Manish’s business meeting in the dance academy. Naksh and Kirti support Naira, and doesn’t care for Dadi’s weird thinking. Dadi finds Kirti happy and supported by Naksh. She gets glad that Naira’s presence at Singhania house didn’t affect Kirti’s married life.

Naitik tells Kartik that Naira has planned everything, so that they don’t miss out either of work and dance event. Kartik and Manish get glad with Naira’s smart move. Kartik proves everyone wrong by succeeding in cracking the big deal for the company. The day goes well for both Kartik and Naira. Kirti too performs with Naira. The girls make their families proud by their patriotic performances.


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