Shivay’s humility fails to convince Tej in Ishqbaaz


Veer tells Shivay about Tej’s critical state. He tells Shivay that Tej won’t be able to survive if he gets a heart attack again. Tej’s condition gets stable after Veer treats him. Tej begins his drama to convince Omkara and Rudra. He tells Shivay that he really wishes to apologize to them. Omkara turns caring towards Tej. Shivay assures Dadi that the bad time will end soon, Lord is just testing them and their strengths. He gives her new hopes and courage. Dadi feels Shivay is a blessing for her. Shivay cheers up Dadi.

Shivay learns Tej has induced a heart attack with some unknown motives. He can’t believe Tej could risk his life for his plans. Tej apologizes to his sons and requests them to come back home. He asks them for a chance to repent. He asks them to trust him once, he will not hurt Shivay’s sentiments again. He presents his last wish in front of his sons. He emotionally blackmails Omkara and Rudra. They get close to give him another chance.

Tej determines to make them away from Shivay. He wants to defeat Shivay by removing his strengths. Shivay gives his word to Tej. He asks Tej not to request, but claim his rights on his sons. He asks Omkara and Rudra to go with their dad. He doesn’t want Tej’s insecurities to take a call on his life. He reminds Omkara that they can’t forget their values and duties towards family. He persuades them to forgive Tej. He assures Tej that he will send Omkara and Rudra with him.

Shivay gets emotional and broken down with the thought of parting away with his brothers. He doesn’t want to fall selfish and weak. He acts strong in front of everyone. He tells Omkara that Tej needs his sons. Omkara asks Shivay to return home with them, if he really wants them to accompany Tej. Shivay tells them that the family needs them. He asks them not to play with Tej’s life. He begs them to accept his plea. Omkara and Rudra agree to leave. The brothers have an emotional moments.

Anika learns Shivay’s decision to send the family members home. She questions Shivay about his decision. He tells her that he has taken this decision for the family’s good. She tells him that she knows he is lying. He doesn’t want Tej’s lie to come out, as Tej would lose respect and place in his son’s hearts. He wants to protect the family. He doesn’t reveal the reason to Anika. He maintains silence in the matter. Anika finds his decision wrong.

Shivay confronts Tej for his drama. Tej asks Shivay if he is finding a right chance to reveal his lie to his sons. Shivay tells him that he is not revealing anything to keep his respect. Shivay’s humility doesn’t get acknowledged by Tej. Tej accepts his planning. Shivay asks Tej not to hurt their sentiments again. Tej turns bitter towards Shivay again. Shivay faces the forced allegations, when he just tries to keep his relations with love and care.


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