Chakor demands a dinner date with Suraj in Udaan


Suraj helps Chakor. They have an argument. Chakor tries hard to end their gap. She tells Suraj that she is keeping a fast. She asks him to feed her water. He advises her to have food. He tells her that its not good if she stays hungry. She keeps her condition again. She asks him to feed the food to her with love. He asks her why is she getting so many demands, he will not listen to her. She gets adamant. She insists him to come at the lake side and break her fast. She wants to have dinner with him, but couldn’t invite him directly. He asks her to go and better die for once and all. He gets irritated by her tantrums.

Suraj worries that she will be hungry if he doesn’t go. She has belief that Suraj will agree to her condition. Suraj reaches Chakor to feed her food and comfort her. Chakor emotionally blackmails him. She has big hopes that Suraj will soon recall their relation.

Ranvijay is worried for Suraj and Chakor’s friendship. He tells Imli that he will get proof against Suraj and Chakor, and this time he will not miss anything. He gets informed by his spy. He asks Imli to accompany him for the last time, he will prove Suraj’s cheat. Chakor sends a spy in the haveli as the new maid. She gets informed about Ranvijay tracing her and fails his attempts. Chakor wants the maid to break Imli and Ranvijay’s unity.


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