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Laado 2: Anushka takes Amma ji to the hospital. She asks nurse to admit Amma ji without wasting any time, she is fighting with life and death. She shouts for any doctor to attend her. Yuvraaj gets Balwant for treatment. He gets the doctor for his uncle’s operation. Nurse tells Anushka that this is not an ordinary hospital, Balwant is the founder of the hospital and Amma ji can’t get treated in his hospital. She tells the reason why the hospital staff is not cooperating with her.

Meri Durga:

Sanjay learns about Gayatri’s past that she was an athlete. He wonders why did Gayatri hide this big thing from the family if she hasn’t done anything wrong. He wants to know the entire truth. He starts collecting information about the champion Jassi. He learns some shocking facts about Jassi and falls into disbelief. He shares his findings with Gagan. Gagan doesn’t believe Gayatri can be an athlete. Sanjay produces the pictures to prove his words. Sanjay gets keen to know the reason behind the ban on Jassi. Durga learns Sanjay’s truth of faking an illness in an attempt to find his mum’s past. She worries that he won’t be able to handle Gayatri’s past.


Susheel’s life gets a new problem. Leela is playing a game with her. Mehul fulfills the khichdi bhog ritual. Mehul serves khichdi to the guests. Susheel stops the guests from having the khichdi. She throws the food away, revealing that the food has poison in it. Everyone assume Susheel is mad. Her reactions get impulsive. Susheel fails to prove herself. The family doesn’t believe her. Susheel asks them to believe her. Leela wants to declare Susheel mad, to avenge Kiran’s mental instability.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay asks Mandira to meet him for a serious talk. He meets Mandira at the mall. He tells her that he really wants to move on with Bulbul. He asks her to answer his questions. She was happy thinking he has realized her mistakes. He asks her what did she tell Bulbul to break their relation. She doubts that Bulbul has told him the truth. She lies to him. Mandira gets upset with him. She doesn’t answer him. She scolds him for forgetting her love and getting so self centred.


Neil and family throw a welcome party for Avni. The family celebrates Avni’s return. Avni is very happy to have her family along. The family dances on their favorite tunes. They have a photo session. Bebe gets upset. She asks everyone to let Neil and Avni stand together, why are they ruining her mood. Neil and Avni stop Bebe and make her smile. Neil promises to always protect Avni. She is happy to get Avni’s love. Neil wants to give more happiness to Avni. The lights go off during the photo session. Vidyut arrives to spoil the fun.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Pari wants to expose Avni and her mum Hema. She learns Avni’s truth. She wants to bring the truth out. She entices them by jewelry and cash. She makes them hear her conversation regarding the locker details. Avni gets to hear the locker code. She informs her mum about the locker code. Pari catches them in the trap. Hema also spies on Pari, unaware that its actually Pari’s plan. Pari is working hard to expose their truth to Bharadwaj family. Hema wants to rob the jewelry and become a queen. Hema attempts to break the locker. The alarm rings and alerts the family. Hema gets worried. Piyush and Avni see her. Hema takes advantage of Piyush’s mental state. She says Piyush was available when the alarm rang. Piyush defends Avni and Hema.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja learns Naina’s drama. She too does a drama and asks Naren to get justice for Naina. She asks them to think of Naina’s feelings, if she really loves someone. She tells them that Naina needs time to cope up. She wants Mami to understand her. Satish knows Naina is playing a big game. Satish and Pooja want to bring Naina’s truth out. Naren wants Naina to marry Rahul. He doesn’t agree to marry Naina. He tells them that his decision is to get Naina and Rahul married. Rahul too agrees to marry Naina. He tells them that life is short, they shouldn’t miss the few chances life gives them. Pooja tries to make Naina out of Vyas mansion, but Naina has made the plan to secure herself.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman tells the family that they aren’t related to Iyers from now on. He instructs them not to talk to neighbors. He has forgotten Ishita completely. Romi is angered that Ishita is not getting her rights. He tells Simmi that Ishita won’t sign the divorce papers, she won’t leave Raman. Simmi doesn’t tell Romi that she has already taken Raman and Ishita’s signs by cheat. Raman wants to move on in life. Raman asks Simmi to talk to matrimonial bureau and select someone for him soon. Romi scolds Simmi and Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla also feels Simmi is wishing good for Raman, Ishita has always influenced Raman badly. She supports Simmi and Mihika in their decision.


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